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I support healers, entrepreneurs and high achievers that are struggling with juggling the external demands of life that have taken them away from their own body, and innate wisdom.  Through therapeutic healing touch, and development of yogic and holistic practices, I help them to come back home to their body, in a more connected and relaxed way -- to transform the way they feel about their body, and live a more harmonious life. 

Ways I can support you


Cultivating deeper body awareness is imperative to changing the way you feel, move and live. My hands on bodywork & energy sessions combine therapeutic methods to help you shift;  stagnant, or blocked energy in your body to increase physical ease, structural alignment, and optimal energy flow. You'll be able to relax more into your body, access your innate wisdom, and operate from a more harmonious place.

Certified in Thai yoga massage, reiki master, thetahealing, polarity therapy and contemporary shamanic techniques, I open myself to be a vessel for your personal healing -- for energy to flow through your body,  and address areas that need extra support, love and healing.


External fitness (only) is a thing of the past. Embodiment is about having internal awareness of these various layers of oneself, with a capacity to respond to life from a more connected and empowered way.

With todays overwhelm and demands on your nervous system you need practices and methods to develop and strengthen you from the inside out. You need a strong immune system, proper nutrition, energy and breath awareness -- essentially you need tools in your back pocket, that will bring you back to center and connection when the business and chaos of life begin to take over.

Knowing that we are multi-dimensional beings, and that the physical body is a reflection of ones mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health, I help you create a customized plan, drawing from eastern and western practices we will strengthen your body, cultivate your own energy, and enhance your nervous system and physical flexibility.

With a background in exercise science, and certification in;  thai yoga massage, reiki master, theta healing, polarity therapy, yoga teacher training, sacred femininity, and training in zero balancing, and contemporary shamanic techniques -- I'll help you transform the way you feel about your body and your life.


Feminine empowerment and sacred sexuality are areas that I am also passionate about supporting women to explore and cultivate.

Through inner anatomical education of the feminine body, and in developing practices to draw in more self love, acceptance and reverence for our creative life force and physical vessel -- we begin to shift the narrative of feeling insecure, unworthy and ashamed of who we are -- to reclaiming your inner feminine power and confidence to be, live and communicate your needs, desires and become more advanced in energetic and relationship mastery.

Certified in Sacred Femininity Yoga teacher training 350+ hours, and as a Tao Tantric Healing Arts Facilitator in Womens Sacred Sexuality, I will be your guide to develop inner alchemical practices -- to deepen self love and become expressed as your feminine empowerment.


To support this deepening and inside out empowerment, I encourage you to book a FREE BODY CONNECTION CALL with me and we'll uncover
• Current blocks preventing your best physical health and embodied fitness capacity.
• Uncover your goals and true needs.
• Create a path and plan that will support your total empowerment and integration. 
Receive one on one bodywork + energy healing in Manhattan & Brooklyn.  Become more open, relaxed and connected to your body. Gain clarity, and confidence to embrace a life (PAIN FREE) with more joy! + Learn movement & self care rituals. 
3 month experience to awaken and activate your inner power. Next enrollment is March 21st. Learn meditations, practices and ways to cultivate your life force energy. Release shame & sexual blocks.
12 Months of ONLINE, IN-PERSON and/or personalized support from Natalie. Learn what the Mahavidyas can do for you through 3 ReMembership levels. 2020 is about collaboration, empowerment and embodying the Divine Feminine in you. First call is FREE!

"She is a true healer who deeply understands the body and the spirit. After every session with her I feel renewed, relaxed and restored."  -Saron

"Working with Natalie goes beyond any bodywork I have ever experienced! Well worth every second." - Alexis

"In just a few short weeks, I am embracing life without pain (both emotional and physical) Natalie lifts your spirit and brings physical health back in balance."  -Nancy P.

"She has a way of deepening my ability to relax into my body that is effortless and enables me to fully breath into my sense of being."  -Abel 

receive my free gift to you! 

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