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Are you seeking greater clarity, energy or body confidence?

Would you like to feel more connected, open or relaxed in your body? 

Hi, welcome to Integrated Form,
I'm so glad you found yourself here!

My name is Natalie Pierson I am the founder, an Integrative healer, yogi, and tao tantric healing arts facilitator.

Among those labels, I am someone who's had a journey with my body too.

Perhaps a different story than yours, but I've been training and exploring ancient practices and gathering tools and techniques in the healing & movement arts to help people like you.

Living in the modern technological age -- we have become so distracted, disconnected and afraid to feel or be in our own bodies.

Understandably, there is a big need to connect, to open and create receptivity and relaxation in the body.  All the stress and overwhelm takes its toll.

You can learn to listen to your bodies messages, it's wisdom, and tap into unused wellsprings of vital energy.

You can feel better, more aligned and radiant! It is all possible!

I've gone from strengthening and toning my external self, to a deeper journey inwards through yoga and meditation and tantra. I have 10 years of experience in the movement and healing arts -- and this translates through my touch, in our sessions and in the multi-dimensional content that I share in my workshops & programs.

It is my complete joy and honor  --  to share my experiences, gifts and offerings with you.  

Check out my offerings below and book your first session today!

I can support you in;
• Releasing held tension, anxiety and stress from your body.
• Harmonizing your emotions and energy.
• Cultivating tools to come back to your 'center'.
• Develop positive daily movement practices.
• Cultivate deeper Self awareness through healing touch.
• Begin or refine your yoga/meditation practice.
• Become more relaxed and open in the body.
• Feel better, freer, fitter, sexier and more empowered.
• Connect deeply to your body wisdom, and intuition.
• Access and amplify your spiritual energy, pleasure and presence.

I want you to feel free and open enough to embrace a life with MORE JOY!!!

In Gratitude and Love,
Natalie J. Pierson


bodywork SESSIONS

Receive one on one bodywork + energy healing in Manhattan & Brooklyn.  Become more open, relaxed and connected to your body. Gain clarity, and confidence to embrace a life with more joy! 


Start your week off with a gentle vinyasa flow, deep body stretches and extended sivasana with healing touch from Natalie. 

& embodiment

Experience education and empowerment in a group dynamic. Gain tools, and cultivate practices to leave uplifted, connected and inspired!  

"She is a true healer who deeply understands the body and the spirit. After every session with her I feel renewed, relaxed and restored."  -Saron

"Working with Natalie goes beyond any bodywork I have ever experienced! Well worth every second." - Alexis

"In just a few short weeks, I am embracing life without pain (both emotional and physical) Natalie lifts your spirit and brings physical health back in balance."  -Nancy P.

"She has a way of deepening my ability to relax into my body that is effortless and enables me to fully breath into my sense of being."  -Abel 

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