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yogic wellness • thai bodywork
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I support entrepreneurs, mothers & high achievers that are struggling with external demands -- that need to reconnect to their body, or take their health and wellness to the next dimension.  

Gain more clarity, energy, and body confidence connection -- develop sacred practices, transform the way you feel about your body and your life. 

Single classes = $5 - $11  
              suggested donation                                                    

     Weekly unlimited = $33   

        Monthly unlimited = $88

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Paypal:  natalie.nattyj@gmail.com

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1 : 1  private sessions   +   WEEKLY ONLINE GROUP CLASSES

7 days of Sun Salutations (training)
Begins Monday 3/30 - Sunday 4/5 
7am daily
live zoom call, or join the replay

The benefits from performing the sun salutations daily are numerous. They are the most essential thread in the full yoga asana practice.

• Stretch and mobilize your joints, tissue, muscles, tendons.
• Boost your immunity, deepen and sync your breath with movement to establish a more calm nervous system and mind.
• Support healthy digestion, and offer your movement as an expression of gratitude to the SUN that sustains all of life. 


Tuesdays & Fridays 

Foam rolling for tension and stress relief. Be guided through a circuit that covers the whole body.
Gentle stretches and relaxing body meditation to let go. 
Be led through yogic and taoist inspired movements to shift and align your energy. Drop back into your center, find your flow.
Helps to reduce tension, relaxes nervous system, boosts immunity and flow of qi. 

Private  1 : 1  online support & training

20min Meditation
Suggested donation
$22 - $33

Guided breath meditation designed for you to come back inwards to access your inner peace.
Relax nervous system, improves immunity, balanced emotions, mood and energy.

60min Guided yoga + meditation/breath
Suggested donation
$77-  $111

Open level privately guided instruction for yogic foundations & flow. Focus is on breath, alignment and feeling into your whole body.

Boost immunity, increase flexibility, focus, strength and body confidence. Balances your bodies systems, awakens your spiritual centers.

20min distant healing/reiki 

20min Distant healing/Reiki phone call
Suggested donation
$33 - $55

Gently relax and receive extra support to harmonize your body/mind/emotions. Clears your energy field, densities and stagnant energy. 

Not sure what you need? Book a FREE 20 min call today

Receive one on one bodywork + energy healing in Manhattan & Brooklyn.  Become more open, relaxed and connected to your body. Gain clarity, and confidence to embrace a life (PAIN FREE) with more joy! + Learn movement & self care rituals. 
3 month experience to awaken and activate your inner power. Next enrollment is March 21st. Learn meditations, practices and ways to cultivate your life force energy. Release shame & sexual blocks.
Monthly online personalized teachings & support. Explore what these Goddess can awaken and liberate within you.  2020 is about collaboration, empowerment and
embodying the Divine Feminine.

"After every session with her I feel renewed,
relaxed and restored."  -Saron

"Working with Natalie goes beyond any bodywork I have ever experienced! Well worth every second." - Alexis

"In just a few short weeks, I am embracing life without pain (both emotional and physical) Natalie lifts your spirit and brings physical health back in balance."  -Nancy P.

"She has a way of deepening my ability to relax into my body that is effortless and enables me to fully breath into my sense of being."  -Abel 

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60min Yoga flow & inner glow
Suggested donation
$11 - $22  

Join in for the weekly guided ashtanga vinyasa yoga flow, and inner glow meditation.  

Open level class, focuses on alignment, breath and feeling good in your body.