24 hour cancellation policy

"She motivates, inspires, restores, calms
and encourages you to be your best self!" - Nancy P.


Natalie Pierson is a guiding light that bridges healing arts, yogic wellness, meditation & sacred practices for you to become more connected, confident, and centered in your body.

With a degree in Exercise Science, and background in personal training, she spent 9+ years exploring, certifying and cultivating these gifts that she shares with humanity and you. 

Natalie is also certified as a Tao Tantric Arts, Sacred Femininity Facilitator which is recognized by the Universal Healing Tao. She helps women educate and explore their body, anatomy, and awaken their feminine energy through sacred practices. 

Her offerings have supported nationally ranked athletes, grammy nominated artists, healers, mothers, (women that desire to be mothers,) and awakening beings that desire a range of sacred and customized healing and therapeutic experiences.  

Her deep spiritual touch, sessions & experiences help others to elevate their consciousness, harmonize their energy, increase their vitality, and embrace a life with more joy.

Her one on one private sessions & programs may include but are not limited to;
• Thai yoga massage
• Reiki
• Zero Balancing
• Polarity Therapy
• Guided yoga/meditation/breath
• Intuitive guidance/touch
• Sacred healing & self care practices
• Guided foam rolling/stretching