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"​She motivates, inspires, restores calms and encourages you to be your best self! A true energy healer, Natalie lifts your spirit and brings physical health back in balance. If you are on your journey, let Natalie be your guide." - Nancy P. 


Natalie is an integrative healer and spiritual guide that offers one on one sessions, classes and workshops for transformation and personal empowerment. ​

Natalie’s life’s mission is to help others connect to their body, heart and spirit to awaken LOVE here on earth. 
Natalie’s passion for moving and feeling in her body led her to obtain a degree in Exercise Science in 2010 followed by certifications in;  Thai-Yoga Massage, Reiki, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, ThetaHealing, polarity therapy and explored Shamanic Healing practices and more.  All of which has fueled her purpose to help others.

In 2014 she made a vow and commitment to be a channel of love as she was initiated through her primary Guru Sri Prem Baba. She has traveled the globe to gather sacred knowledge for healing and transformation, which she brings to her work, her gift to humanity and you.  

Natalie completed a 5 week training and certification under her teachers Minke De Vos and Shashi Solluna as a Tao Tantric Arts, Sacred Femininity Facilitator  and is recognized by the Universal Healing Tao (2018.) The program included: Meditation, Tao Energy Basics, Qigong, Energy Healing, Breast Massage, Jade Egg Practice, Dance, Sacred Sexuality and Women's Health. She is excited to be incorporating these new practices, exercises and tools into her classes and workshops for your healing and pleasuring benefit.  


Backstory :
Natalie is the third born of six children, raised in a small rural town in southeast Michigan.  

Early on in life you might have found her choreographing dances with her sisters, playing in nature or involved in athletics.  Regardless of the environment her positive and warming presence was always felt by others.  

Natalie has been cultivating the art of touch, energy alchemy, and physical embodiment since finishing her B.S. in Exercise science in 2010 at Brooklyn College.

She has followed her heart and internal guidance to learn these sacred healing practices, exercises and tools so that she may progress on her spiritual path while being a guiding light and facilitator for others to do the same. 

Natalie Pierson