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Natalie is the third born of six children, raised in a small rural town in southeast Michigan.  Early on in life you might have found her choreographing dances with her sisters, playing in nature or involved in athletics.  Regardless of the environment her positive and warming presence was always felt by others.  She is a leader, the 'life of the party' and Homecoming Queen in High School.

Natalie's heart led her to NYC in 2006 and 10 years later holds a B.S. in Exercise Science, is certified in Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki Master, ThetaHealing, General Polarity Therapy, Ashtanga Yoga,  Personal training, Kettlebells, has trained in Zero Balancing and learned contemporary Shamanic techniques to be used in her personalized treatments.  Throughout each level of education or training Natalie's intentions were always to use these experiences and gifts towards helping others so that they may benefit as well.  

She has traveled and studied in Bali, Spain and even lived briefly in India. These experiences allowed her to dive deeper into her own spiritual healing, from meditating, praying and taking initiation with enlightened masters to singing and chanting in circles with women from around the Globe.  Natalie offers ENERGY BASED BODYWORK that focuses on releasing tension, creating physical and energetic alignment to support you on your inner journey.  #awakening

She has spent the last 8 years cultivating the art of touch on Nationally ranked athletes, Grammy nominated musicians, fellow Healers, Artists, Mothers, those needing support in these rapid times of personal and collective transformation. 

Come rest in a Sacred space and surrender to her healing touch.