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I am a Holistic practitioner: Bodyworker, Yoga instructor, Shaman and subscriber to the 'One Love' Consciousness.

In 2014 I made a vow and committed myself to being a channel of love. 
I am here to inspire and guide you back to yourself. 
To your body. To your heart. 
To your deepest self. To your truth.
To remind you, you are safe, always connected and empowered. 

In reminding you I remember. 
By sharing and being in service I am fulfilled. 

My sessions provide effortless relaxation, insight, relief from physical/mental/emotional tension and stress. You gain expanded awareness and learn more about yourself. After each session, you leave feeling more open to the positive forces in life.  My semi-private classes are unique experiences that support balance and integration of ALL of you. The group workshops I lead are 10000% transformational. 

Thank you for allowing me to support you in these sacred experiences and journey's.
I am honored. 

Natalie Jane Pierson
aka. Lalitha Shekinah 

Backstory :
Natalie is the third born of six children, raised in a small rural town in southeast Michigan.  

Early on in life you might have found her choreographing dances with her sisters, playing in nature or involved in athletics.  Regardless of the environment her positive and warming presence was always felt by others.  

Natalie has been cultivating the art of touch since finishing her B.S. in Exercise science in 2010 at Brooklyn College. Shortly thereafter Integrated Form became official. She followed her heart and it guided her to train in these primary healing modalities;  thai yoga massage, zero balancing, reiki, thetahealing, personal training, contemporary shamanic and polarity therapy techniques. 

She is the Energy Specialist at Modrn Sanctuary wellness center in NYC and offers her holistic treatments & weekly yoga classes. 
Natalie has devoted herself to learn and experience various healing and yogic practices to not only help herself, but her clients to feel more empowered, embodied,  and aligned with their highest potential.

Come surrender your tension to her healing hands, join one of her uplifting classes, or transformational group journey.