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by Natalie Pierson on August 14th, 2018

1) A JUDGEMENT-FREE zone is ESSENTIAL to your healing and for deeper truths to be revealed. We all have our own inner saboteur. The biggest one for most people is the inner critic or judge. If you can't get out of your own judgements, seek a non-judgemental space for yourself to be heard and watch your life transform. Get out of your head and let FREEDOM REIGN! 

2) We need SAFE, SACRED and QUIET spaces for our nervous systems to decompress, rest and reset. We are surrounded by technological devices, loud streets, long commutes and constant noise pollution (Especially If you live in a big city.) If you haven't created a safe & quiet space for yourself at home, get into nature, or seek someone who can hold this type of space for you to just Breathe + BE YOU and let your body intelligence take over. #Balance

3) YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WE ARE REFLECTIONS for one another. So much suffering can be eliminated by simply sharing our personal experiences, thus being reminded 'Oh thank GOD! I am not alone'. When you choose to isolate yourself, you stay stuck and imprisoned in your limiting mindset, oftentimes losing inspiration and connection to life and others. I've found that when you open yourself up, you see that we all carry similar stories, experiences and wounds no matter what your background is. When you share, we all heal together. Stronger. Faster. #power of vulnerability 

4) HUGS ARE ESSENTIAL! LIVE THE #HUGLIFE "Neuroeconomist Paul Zak recommends at least eight hugs a day to be happier and enjoy better relationships. Psychotherapist Virginia Satir said: “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance". Not only that, but when we hug, the "love hormone" oxytocin is released. A 20-second hug, along with 10 minutes of hand-holding, also reduces the harmful physical effects of stress, including its impact on your blood pressure and heart rate." MAKE SURE YOU SQUEEZE IN 8 HUGS A DAY!

5) TOUCH = A NATURAL FEEL GOOD MEDICINE. Research has shown that touch helps to relieve pain, speed up recovery and reduce stress. Not only does bodywork/massage provide relaxing qualities to reduce your stress and tension but "It can be one of the best types of medicine—if you approach it as such." Learn to give yourself what you need, and be sure to set up regular self care sessions. SELF CARE is no longer a 'treat' but a NECESSITY in our isolating worlds! 

6) Setting INTENTIONS is KEY to DIRECTING THE ENERGY in SESSIONS. Not only is it in your best interest to set daily intentions in your life, but extra important in an energetically heightened space! I support you to get in a receptive, allowing state, to align you with your desired intentions. A simple question I often ask my clients is: 'What are you calling in right now? or letting go of?' These simple questions empower you to make a decision, which provides direction to what you'd like to experience. #clarity 

7) CHANGE how you RELATE TO YOUR STORY to expedite your evolution. #perception  Once you can really hear what you are saying and are listening to how you are telling your story...notice if you are more empowered and taking ownership, or are you a victim and in the blaming loop? HEY NO JUDGEMENT From me : ))
And unfortunately, we can't change what happened to us in the past, but we can change the way we relate to it RIGHT NOW. This can mean moving forward, feeling empowered, or staying stuck in the muck. Everything is here to help you. Focus on how you are better because of your struggles and challenges, not on the emotions themselves. What are the higher understandings your soul has received?

8) I AM NOT THE DOER! ---> THE POWER OF SURRENDER. I use the title of Healer so others know how to find me and understand how I may help them, but honestly, I am more of a vessel or channel for certain energies to flow. I am not unique in my ability to do this, but the energy that comes through me is uniquely Natalie : ) 'My power' comes from;  belief in myself, in surrendering over to a higher power, and allowing and intending myself to be used for the highest good in each session. #Belief is Everything! 

9) TAP INTO YOUR BREATH, INTENTION + VISUALIZATION You are your very own medicine. If you cannot 'see yourself' healthy, happy, vibrant, positive seek someone who can hold that vision for you. The way we 'see' one another (I have personally experienced) is incredibly uplifting and energetically shifting.  #I SEE YOU
Use the combined power of;  intention, breath and imagination to HEAL yourself!   
Ex. If you are feeling pain or tension in an area of your body, 1) Close your eyes. 2) pick a color that feels very soothing and healing to you 3) Begin to breathe that color in with your breath, and bring it to that place of tension or pain. 4) Exhale out your tension with a darker, cloudy color, see it in your minds eye 5) Practice this for 5/10 minutes and repeat as necessary. #you are your own healer

10) COMPASSION, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS & COMPASSION. Friends and Family, we are here together. Right now, in seemingly different locations, statuses, and bodies. But we are ONE. We are all doing our best. Our parents were doing their best. Those that have hurt us, abandoned us or rejected us were just doing their best with what they knew... And so are you. Remember, we are sensitive and simultaneously powerful beings. Forgive yourself first for the things you have had to experience and the coping mechanisms you'd had to come up with just to DEAL.. Whewww! Forgive others if it feels authentic, and remember to hold yourself, adore yourself and to fill up your cup. We are all learning at our own pace and in our own way. KINDNESS IS THE NEW SUPERHERO!  

I love you. I love us. 

aka. Lalitha Shekinah

by Natalie Pierson on May 5th, 2018


How do you feel in your body right now?

When you scan your body, where do you feel tension? Is your body holding or gripping anywhere? 

Could you take a deep breath in right now, and as you exhale, allow your body to relax in those areas. Allow your body to release any holding, and invite your mind to relax.

How's that feel?

In the last 10 years, I've dedicated myself to learn various movement and self healing practices so I can feel GREAT in my body and also share what I've learned and practice with you.

I do body scan's like this all the time, and I make it my own game throughout the day : )  I invite you to do the same. 

I believe pain/sensations in the body are messages with information for you - to give that area attention. I want you to understand that these physical sensations stem from from how you; handle, relate and respond to stress in your life (i.e. your thoughts and emotions + what you are putting in your mouth!!!)

I want you to understand that you are energy... and energy needs to flow.

If you ignore your body it will send stronger messages: pain, numbness, it may lock up, back up and then you need outside intervention. The old way is to be isolated from your body, then go to someone else and have them tell you what 'is wrong' with you.

The new way is prevention/maintanence: listen to, connect with and respect your body and its messages. If you feel tension or are starting to lock up -->>>  then move your body - likewise, if you feel good, keep it up... keep moving in ways you feel open, strong and mobile, so your thoughts and e-motions can flow and your Qi can continue to nourish and sustain your whole being. 

It is my wish that you to feel amazing and vibrant in your body! I want you to move with efficiency and coordination and to feel love within yourself on the deepest level possible. 

Do you want to feel amazing in your body too?

Check out the top 10 ways you'll benefit from 3 unique experiences I offer: 
One on one sessions, Classes and Transformational Workshops ​

1) Nervous System Relaxed: Your overactive mind and nervous system are continuously releasing cortisol in your blood stream and your body needs a break! If you live in NYC, come receive a one on one session with me and relax effortlessly so your body and mind can get back into balance. Most clients even slip into a short restful nap : ) Book Here

2) Physical Tension Released: I love getting physical tension to melt from the body. (Your shoulders and neck are my favorite target area!) Other benefits: increased joint range of motion and energy flow enhanced.

3) Inner Peace Reconnected: Deep inside you, peace and quiet exists. I assist your body to drop into this vast and timeless space. You leave refreshed with a new perspective. 

4) Energy Balanced: Mondays & Thursdays 7pm join me in the himalayan salt room @ModrnSanctuary for a traditional yoga flow. This environment supports the balancing of your mental, physical  and energetic bodies through; color therapy, salt therapy and union of breath and body. Conquer the NYC fast paced life & balance your energy. rsvp here

5) Inflammation Reduced: Himalayan salt helps to increase energy, improve focus and reduce inflammation. Himalayan salt contains the 24 essential minerals our bodies need and helps to cleanse and detox the body as well. Saturate yourself in the salts and breathe deep to take in its healing benefits.

6) Mood Uplifted: This (200 year old) salt room floor is heated and thus releases negative ions into the air. With a surplus of negative ions in the air, your body releases the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is the feel good hormone. Just as the ocean shore and forests contain negative ions, so does this magical salt room, come escape and leave with positive vibes. 

7) Intelligence Enhanced: With a consistent yoga practice you begin to cultivate deeper awareness and access your intuition more clearly. You learn to expand the energy in your body by using your intention and begin to attain higher states of consciousness, creativity and insight. #bodyintelligence

8) Empowerment Activated: I co-facilitate 2 hour Breath + Movement workshops called Who Am I? that support your personal transformation. You experience a sacred space in which you discover the power of self inquiry and become more aware of your thoughts and words. We also teach you about your primary (chakras) so you learn to become more masterful from the inside out.  Next experience May 19th <<---- 

9) Breath Revitalized: My amazing colleague Lisa Meta  is a transformational lifecoach and leads the biodynamic breathwork portion of our workshop. She teaches you about the power, quality and depth of your breath and how to use it to create change on a cellular level. Our tagline is: Breathe deep. Move more. Be you. 

10) Vibration Elevated: Whatever your current; beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns are, dictate your vibrational frequency and the experiences you attract into your reality. You literally leave these workshops - a whole new person because you Breathe + Move through any blocks and resistances that are weighing you down. Leave liberated, elevated and ready to call in the new experiences and relationships that match your new vibration. Learn more or Register Here

I hope to connect with you soon, 
Inner peace and Love,

Highest Regards, 
Natalie J. Pierson 
Integrated Form

by Natalie Pierson on March 8th, 2018

Nikola Tesla once said, "If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

When it comes to people, we prefer to be around others with "good vibes" because it feels good to us. There are also people that we come across and want nothing to do with, without explanation. #bad vibes

There is an inherent knowing within you, guiding you towards vibrations, situations, an in this case (people) that you resonate/align with, or may be reflecting something within you (more on that next time ;) 

In our environments, there are various frequencies that impact our physical, mental and emotional health. The type of building or town we live in, exposure to wifi, cell towers, and the people we surround ourselves with, all effect us. "Many forms of industrial illness are thought to result from the effects of vibration on the human body. Prolonged exposure causes undue stress and discomfort." (link)   #VibrationsMatter

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, It was reported that 90% of all hospital visits are caused by conditions due to stress. When you are stressed or dis-eased, your body is vibrating at a lower frequency. When your system is returned back to homeostasis, you vibrate at a higher frequency.

When you are vibrationally balanced, you feel better, think clearer and process e-motions smoother and have your vital life force energy. You feel like YOU again!

You are energy. 

Do you get it?
Do you see it?
Can you feel it?

Do you see why it is important to find balance with your thoughts, emotions, body and spirit?
They are all connected.  They are not seperate, but in fact One... all informing one another. 
Your thoughts (beliefs), emotions, and environment all effect you.  And conversely, you influence the environment and people around you with your vibrational state.

​Like attracts like. 

Right now, you have access to so many diverse methods of health care that help you navigate and treat your daily stresses. The fact is, there will always be pressures, demands and committments you make. The skill becomes then, how you relate to them, the choices you make, the support you receive, and the environments you put yourself in to maintain homeostasis.

Here in the west there is the revival and renewal of ancient therapies. In our overstimulating world, we come back to treat complex symptoms with simple cures. #Amen

Lets bring it back to those 3 key words: Energy. Frequency. Vibration

Egyptians, Greeks and many indeginous cultures understood the power of color to heal. In the 1500's a doctor names Paracelsus, "regarded light and color as essential for good health and used them extensively in treatment, together with elixirs, charms and talismans, herbs and minerals." 

This is not hippy shit. This is metaphysical science. 

​We know that color therapy is real and addresses wellness on multiple levels, including your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. It helps to harmonize environmental stressors on your nervous system and positively influences your health.

​If you're interested in exploring and experiencing color therapy in a modern environment, I invite you to attend one of my weekly Chroma Yoga classes at Modrn Sanctuary. Chroma yoga combines color therapy and salt therapy with a traditional yoga flow. You breathe in and saturate yourself in the weekly themed colors to cleanse and detox your system as you stretch and align your body.

Because we too understand the principles of energy, frequency and vibration, this 50 min yoga class was designed to help you open & balance your energy centers, to raise your vibration and to help you feel like you again. #ChromaYoga 

Modrn Sanctuary
12 west 27th st. 9FL NYC
Check out the weekly schedule here
or call (212) 675-9355
 to book. 

See you soon, 
Muchooo Love! 

Natalie Pierson 
Founder - Integrated Form 

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by Natalie Pierson on April 10th, 2017

"The moment love arises in the heart,
all fear disappears,
light has come in and
no darkness is found."

Most can agree that life thus far hasn't been an easy process, and at times we have all experienced;  physical or emotional  pain, illness and other various forms of suffering. We sometimes wonder if we are 'doing it correctly' as we are learning to trust ourselves through life's various initiations.  As you begin to grow and spiritually mature, It can be equally difficult to realize all the times you thought or acted from a place void of love and selfless intention. 

....That is until we connect to our hearts and DEVELOP COMPASSION FOR OURSELVES; for our journey and the process of what some call our grand 'awakening.'

Our High heart center, sometimes referred to  as the seat of the soul, sits just beneath the collar bones and above the heart chakra.  This is "Where “intent” originates. This energy center is the connection between the reason of language and the emotions of the heart. It is also the GATE TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS which is based in love and therefore to a life in abundance, prosperity, joy, and satisfaction." (awakeningstate.com)  

Not coincidently is it physically the area where the thymus gland sits, which is the source of where our immune system superhero resides, called the 'helper T cells.'   

What I've learned about these immune cells in our physical body, is that they provide a deep metaphor and clue into how to deal with emotional, psychological and spiritual transformation.
I've summarized this process into as  4 STAGES.  




Let me introduce you to the adaptive immune system.  

We have 2 immune responses that take place.  The first is a Humeral response which is where free floating cells attract and attack pathogens (virus/bacteria) in the body.  B-lymphocytes (cells) are most active here containing antibodies that present what are called antigens to the invaders creating a bridge to bind them.  When bound together, the B-cell then becomes activated and goes into memory cells to duplicate the antibody so it can recognize this pathogen to catch the intruder faster next time.  

In a destructive process called endocytosis, B-cells literally take in the intruder by engulfing it into itself to then 'present' or spit out the bits and pieces to other helper cells that then carry them off.

In a Cell mediated response there are two groups of cells here called; helper T-cells, and Cytotoxic t-cells (they help kill other cells that are infiltrated).  Helper T-cells are some times called the 'general', the white horseman, or the alarm that gives a  call to action in the immune system.  These cells are summoned from the thymus gland and are able to call out to recruiting more b-cells if new antibodies need to be made or cytotoxic t-cells if cells need to be killed.

Without going too deep into the physiology of this process It inspired me to think about our unconscious emotions and inner psychological conflicts that get played out in our relationships and in everyday life.  

"As is the human body, so is the cosmic body.  As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.  As is microcosm, so is the macrocosm.  As is the atom, so is the universe."
 -The Upanishads

In a way, our 'suffering' could be analogous to our B-cells being on vacation, not doing their job.  Either we are ignorant to these mental/emotional 'pathogens' floating around,  or perhaps even in denial, fearfully avoiding our issues until the intruders inevitably fill up our psyche and spirit. This usually plays itself out manifesting as physical pain, dis-ease, and on the collective level as rage, violence and war. 

If we humans each represent a B- cell, then you could say that our unconscious thoughts and emotions are like a free floating virus or bacteria trying to send us a message.  This process has happened again and again.  We have been in relationships, had jobs or been in situations that have perpetually repeated themselves as perhaps in the form of heart breaking, immune compromising, self sabotaging or victimhood patterns. 

So I ask you.  Are you ready to look and take responsibility for the chaos in your life?

Do you still want to choose chaos or are you open to leaning into more clarity, consciousness and compassion? 

because who is the main factor in all of your relationships?  
that's right..... 


STAGE 1.  AWARENESS;  With mindfulness and presence you become aware of your 'free floating' feelings and fluctuating states of mind.  You will know something needs to be cleared from your system when you become triggered and activated, digging into your memory cells from past or karmic wounds being brought to the surface to inform you.

Through meditation, conscious breathing and yoga, these are all tools to help you; slow down, be mindful, see clearly and take responsibility for your life so you don't have to duplicate these patterns.  When you have a sincere desire to look at the chaos you gotta say 'that's it!  enough is enough!  I can't take these 'intruders' anymore!  


You are taking steps towards clearing up your system to be free from victim mentality patterns.


STAGE 2.  The process of IDENTIFYING pain is analogous to the helper T-cells being alerted!  Hey guys we need help, we have some shame arising!  We have anger coming up!  Look here comes Revenge!  Oh boy we're starting to create unhealthy expectations!  The message that your sickness, physical pain or emotions have been trying to communicate can now be heard clearly with non-judgement and you can move into the next stage.  

Everything is energy and communication.  Are you open to listening?  Can you love yourself even when you want to run away or avoid what feelings are being triggered?

Everything has its timing.  

Keep breathing and keep affirming your intentions to see what needs to be seen. 

You're doing great!  

STAGE 3.  INTERCONNECTEDNESS.  This may be the point when you reach out to another 'helper B-cell' aka trusted family member, friend or therapist that can support you.  Perhaps you just need to be heard in a safe space for you to sort out your own thoughts.  Maybe you need to see an experienced healer that can help you 'discharge the activation' and bring you into a new state of emotional and energetic alignment. 

I've found that by 'engulfing' the exact thing that has triggered, scared me or tried to avoid is exactly how I've healed and empowered myself into the NEXT LEVEL OF GROWTH AND OWNERSHIP in my life.  

I've been jealous, needy, and very insecure at times, but I've committed myself to looking at these messengers and loving them as a part of the human experience too.  I can now have more compassion for myself and those going through it because Ive acknowledged and accepted my experience. 

I've definitely avoided A LOT of things !!

But as my brother would say 'what we resist, persists' and boy is he right! 

Take in what you've viewed as your weaknesses.  Make a list.  Take in your shames, your guilt your wounds and let them strengthen you then release what no longer serves you.  

Because ultimately the immune system works in exactly the same way.  It goes right towards the pathogen to 'engulf it'.  

So you see the exact things you think you suffer from are the exact same things that empower you. 

Its truly so brilliant.  Our wounds help guide us to be our own healer!

Stage 4.  INTEGRATION.  Allow yourself to CULTIVATE GRATITUDE at the stage of integration for you have actively chosen to seek help and move forward in making clearer and healthier decisions in your life.  You are making time for meditation, introspection to move in your body and incorporate other practices that support and serve your highest evolution.


Bit by bit, as life unfolds, you are able to transform previous sufferings, ignorance and misperceptions into a new found unconditional love and appreciation.  Your story begins to change and you are more flexible, patient, and receptive to how you perceive life.  

When you take time to listen and slow down you have more choices  in HOW to respond to life. Your high heart is expanding and you realize that love and support have always been 'here', perhaps you weren't able to feel it or perceive it.  

Physical healing IS quite an extraordinary spiritual process!

I do hope you've enjoyed this article and if nothing more perhaps it planted seeds or ignited other ideas in your beautiful mind. 

Again If you need support in these rapid times of change the nature of my treatments address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of us to integrate and empower ourselves.  

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Until next time, 
One love,

Natalie Pierson 
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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

by Natalie Pierson on November 17th, 2016

​“There are things known and there are things unknown, and
in between are the doors of perception.”
― Aldous Huxley

At the end of October I took a 7 day trip down to Key West Florida celebrating the day of my birth, visited one of my brothers and enjoyed a temporary slower pace of life.  It was good to get away from the business and crowded streets of NYC to recenter myself before the grand opening of Modrn Sanctuary Nomad  which is the new healing center that I am operating out of.

I am the resident Energy Specialist and Yoga teacher, offering healing sessions combining; Thai yoga massage, Reiki, Zero Balancing, Polarity Therapy, Shamanic techniques, Yoga and Meditation.  

If you are needing to shift out of emotional/physical pain, anxiety, reconnect to your heart or simply feel good in your body, trusting more in life then click here to
schedule your session.  I’d love to support you through these incredible times of change.

While I was riding my awesome purple bicycle around Key West :) I noticed the same bumper sticker on several people’s vehicles which said “look twice for motorcycles” and It reminded me of something I heard before which said if we aren’t expecting to see something specific then the brain doesn’t always perceive it.  So in the case of someone driving in a car, pulling out into traffic they may look for an oncoming car but if they aren’t expecting to see a motorcycle then this is exactly how these type of accidents are caused.  

If you’re curious about perception and expectation you can read more about it in this article.

The next day I had two private clients where I went to their beautiful home to give them both a massage.  In looking for some massage oil I was told they had some in the top desk drawer in the bedroom.  So there I was looking for it, noticing a few pens, paperclips and a very small box, but no massage oil.  My client came up to the room to look for it herself swearing the massage oil was in that drawer...  And when she looked she opened the drawer and exclaimed “here it is!”  it was in the tiny box right in front of me that I had overlooked.

Again another simple but clear example of expectation and perception.  I was looking for something bigger perhaps with different colors, a bottle more obvious and yet there was oil in that drawer but I couldn’t see the oil as my brain was expecting to see something different.

There are many examples and case studies on this subject, but we must bring attention to the power of programming.  For example If one is constantly exposed to violence, always expecting the worst situations, or thinking critically or negatively then the brain will always find or reinforce these experiences based on ‘priming’ of the brain it
will validate this reality more strongly.  

How can one see the beauty within and all around them if they aren’t even looking or expecting to see it ?  

You see, it’s quite simple..  In order to see beauty, or examples of love and loving people, environments or things, then one should EXPECT TO SEE THEM.  If one wants to experience abundance or miracles then one should expect to see them!  Affirm that it will be so!

One of the secret keys to this is to be open to how these ideals are seen and experienced though.  Be still.  Listen deeply.   Be open and be playful. Day by day, intention by intention the world you are co-creating becomes a wonderful mystery about expecting, perceiving and experiencing the miracles infinite beauty in life !  

Everything is here you just have to retrain your brain to focus on what it is you really want.  

Again, If you are in New York needing support at this time I am an expert in facilitating relaxation during a bodywork or energywork session.  Come see me at my new healing office at Modrn Sanctuary Nomad 12 West 27th st. 9Fl. NYC  Click here to schedule a session or click here to go right to my website for more information or testimonials.

Also !!  Every Monday is ‘Mayan Monday’s’  Every client that starts the week off with a massage or energy session will receive a ceremonial grade shot of premium cacao from here.  It helps target and facilitate heart opening while delivering an abundance of vitamins and minerals! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Let’s get you relaxed in your body and recentered in your heart.

I leave you with this story as a reminder and inspiration.

According to an old Hindu legend...
..there was once a time when all human beings were gods, but they so abused their divinity that Brahma, the chief god, decided to take it away from them and hide it where it could never be found.  Where to hide their divinity was the question. So Brahma called a council of the gods to help him decide. "Let's bury it deep in the earth," said the gods. But Brahma answered, "No, that will not do because humans will dig into the earth and find it." Then the gods said, "Let's sink it in the deepest ocean." But Brahma said, "No, not there, for they will learn to dive into the ocean and will find it." Then the gods said, "Let's take it to the top of the highest mountain and hide it there." But once again Brahma replied, "No, that will not do either, because they will eventually climb every mountain and once again take up their divinity." Then the gods gave up and said, "We do not know where to hide it, because it seems that there is no place on earth or in the sea that human beings will not eventually reach."  Brahma thought for a long time and then said, "Here is what we will do. We will hide their divinity deep in the center of their own being, for humans will never think to look for it there."
All the gods agreed that this was the perfect hiding place, and the deed was done. And since that time humans have been going up and down the earth, digging, diving, climbing, and exploring--searching for something already within themselves.
Author unknown

Wishing you
Supreme Joy
And Remembrance !

Natalie Pierson
Modrn Sanctuary
12 West 27th 9Fl.
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Image from  Heartbloodcacao.com