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Everything and Everyone Wants me to Succeed!
by Natalie Pierson on October 26th, 2014

I have recently been thinking about the effects of conditioning in relationship to competition, success and conflict resolution; what it means to me and to us collectively. Living in the United States and in the epicenter (New York City) of;  Fashion, Financial Wealth, Fame and "Success"  it's pretty common to feel this competitive mindset with the 'grind to succeed' attitude promoted here.  From the collective one might take on beliefs such as  "I have to do this alone" or.. "I will fight my way to the top" ... "I can't rely upon anyone".. or have the general feeling that you have to compete with others to get what you want.. (fill in the blank with your old story or beliefs.)  

I am so sick of these outdated thoughts and ready to experience the world in a new way!  How about you?  It's simply NOT the truth or it's no longer in alignment with MY TRUTH.  

Who is speaking when you hear that voice ?  Are you able to separate the mind, projections, or collective pain body from your own deeper knowing ?

The definition of competition is based upon two (or more) organisms occupying the same space, competing for needs that appear scarce.  In the case of organisms that don't have a brain or a higher operating system things aren't personal it's just;  the strong survive, and the weaker one will not survive in the same way.

My questioning of this subject has arisen from looking honestly at my own beliefs and sometimes uncomfortable feelings.  I have been dedicated to my healing path for more than 3 years now.  I've accessed different resources, people, places and ways to allow subconscious drives, patterns, habits and thoughts to surface; and let me tell you, it's not always easy or pretty to look at.  This major theme about scarcity and competition is buried deep within me; and most likely within you.  (But now we know by simply observing and acknowledging these feelings or thoughts, we can then set ourselves free from this deception and step into a more truthful, loving way of co-exisiting.)

I do know that  fundamentally we are inhabiting a multicellular, living, vibrating organism so our instinctual drive for competition and survival go far back.  But  have we not also survived in the spirit of cooperation, in harmony, for mutual benefit ?   

Just as the endosymbiotic relationship between mitochondria and a larger Host bacterial cell joined together, we too can come together and thrive!  We have similar goals that CAN and ARE being shared and supported.  MY DIRECT EXPERIENCES HAVE COMPLETELY SUPPORTED THIS EVIDENCE.  In fact I'm not alone in feeling that this is the only way.  

You see, It is up to us to remind each other why we came here.  WE-ARE- IN-THIS-TOGETHER.  Do you remember now dear friend ?

Competition:  is the opposite of cooperation.[1][2] It arises whenever at least two parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared or which is desired individually but not in sharing and cooperation. 

Cooperation:  Is the process of groups of organisms working or acting together for their common/mutual benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit. 

  If we are smart, adaptable living organisms (which we are :)  I want to look out for you!   Your success is my success. I acknowledge that essence in you equally within me.  Underneath all our stories and masks and separation of language, country and color.  We are more the same than different.

I challenge us to stop telling the story of independence.. of how 'independent' you are or that you need to force your way to the 'top'.  Perhaps this story evolved because someone at some point was not there for you, perhaps you felt let down, not supported or were loved conditionally.  I understand.  And chances are, if you open up and talk with other people like yourself, they have had the same experience!  So.... NOW is a new moment.   A new opportunity, and perhaps, just maybe the way to take action to integrate this new belief into your reality is by........ being there for someone else!  

​But first, I challenge you to be there for your Self.  To listen, hold, fully support, believe in and cooperate with your heart with your truth and all your vulnerability and infinite potential!  This openness and vulnerability are the very things that allow you to receive and feel support from others.  Then, you can truly experience the reality - that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WANTS ME TO SUCCEED ! 

Love and success to you !
until next time,
Natalie Pierson

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