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Transforming Mis-education
Posted on November 6th, 2014

The education system 
has only done them worse, 
cutting funding, mandatory testing
seems to do exact reverse

Discourage other types
of intelligence
New generations come here to teach Us !
Adult ego accumes it knows more
So kids shipped off- Conformity bus.

Don't tell us your dreams !
Don't share your creative visions
'This is the way the world is'
Embarrassed by your hallucinations

And yet we pop FDA pills and swallow them down
And drinking every night - socially acceptable right ?
Just get through your week
and remember not to speak (up)
We're now watching your every move
..If you see something say something 
(But if you speak up against us you'll lose)

And if you begin to feel something it can only be referred to as pain
It can only be quieted shame 
keep you swept up in hopelessness 
continue avoidance - Blame.

Identify differences - we're praised 
as a child
As we get older - people lonely
We forgot our similarities. WOW.
For happiness we've been taught to 'look out'

We can't survive like this
Mother Earth she needs a voice
let's forgive
Make positive choice.

We want to feel something 
We know a deeper truth
We don't need to search any longer 
Our beating hearts
living proof

Come under my wing
Come under my temple roof
There is limitless love 
Inside of you
There is limitless light
When Truth is your view
There is limitless presence 
When no 'thing' to 'do'

I'm not telling you the way,
All the Masters direct within
If you want to experience harmony
Observe thyself
Know thyself
Love thyself
See thyself in others
No longer need to sin,
It can only be win win,
Change yourself not change the world
is where we need to begin.

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U. K. - November 6th, 2014 at 1:40 PM
as Gandhi has said:"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"
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