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by Natalie Pierson on December 4th, 2014

​'Forgive me for my projections 
It was just a form of protection
I see now, nobody
is an enemy or jerk 
My higher self gave me this lesson
to put into work 
Outside perception of pollution 
Trying to fight with resistance 
When raising our individual consciousness
is the healing solution 

Because were all connected 
Like the matrix, connective tissue 
It's the glue that holds us together 
Transmits messages, have immune system issue ?
You need to move your body 
Feelings & occupations can create
a freeze 
Becomes a reflection of the mental 
Exhale, let go, surrender, release 
Stagnate energy- blocked Qi
Means Dis-ease

We live on temporary highs 
Craving sexual touch 
You don't know your true voice yet 
Insecure, pretend to know much'
It's what our ancestors did'
And our culture - permeates deep 
Longstanding beliefs engrained 
Break free become black sheep
Let go of secrets you keep 
For It's just fear you reap 
Think you're awake but
consciousness asleep
Visit subconscious to understand beliefs 
Clear away so brilliant divine light
can beam 
Inside your soul become purified
Say what you feel
Feel what you mean 
Climb up that mountain shake it up

Listen to our elders and the shaman Please 
Great spirits We call upon you now 
Please Help us 
to dream 
a new dream'

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