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Posted on March 10th, 2015

I don't feel like speaking to you
In the way of put down and blame.
I only want to uplift, nourish you
This is time for positive praise.

I don't feel like speaking to you 
You know sometimes words get in the way.
In order for change we can't criticize
Lead by example:  We must elevate.

I don't feel like speaking to you
Sometimes reactions they come to my face.
What goes in, what comes out:  Its mathematics
Conditioning of the supreme human race.

The way out - is never against
The way out - is actually in
No longer distracted;  Big agenda
Healing thyself is where we begin.

Those that have been told to forget
Or history put down your family's name...
You must have been 
So powerful.

I'm here to remind you 
And deep joy
Are yours 
To now

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