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Violence - As above, so below
Posted on March 20th, 2015

It is estimated that the average child watches four hours of televison daily.  Recent studies show that violence has increased to 61% on regular broadcast television shows.   While it is normal to be a part of society and be exposed (directly) or to images of conflict from around the world, research has shown that there are no psychological benefits to repeated exposure of violence.  In fact when we expose ourselves and our children to news that sensationalizes violence, video games and glorified war movies we are choosing to slowly numb ourselves.  As the 'Hero' (Be it a Nations military force, television, movie, or video game superhero) inflicts violence one then begins to unconsciously side with the aggressor and feelings of empathy for 'the other' decrease and distorted justification for ones actions precipitate.

As science can now explain, mirror neurons in the brain form the basis of our emotional connection to each other, our community and culture.  Children exposed to television with repeated acts of violence learn to accept this as the norm.  They literally mirror this behavior and are overexposed which typically leads to a sense of separation from our innate empathic, altruistic feelings.  Moreover, levels of cognitive brain function (learning, reasoning and emotional control) are thereby reduced and demonstrations of more aggressive behaviors result creating dissasociation that favors a childs tendency towards violent acts. In an online report from 'The Mind Unleashed' in 2014 it reported  "A study of video games revealed that extended play can result in lower blood flow to the brain, sapping emotional control.  Furthermore, role-playing games of lifelike war and police state scenarios serve to desensitize a connection to reality."

Consciously we wouldn't say we are nourished from violence, but what is it feeding within us ?  Why are we continuing to expose ourselves to it ? By choosing to watch television, movies and internet/videos that normalize violence and death we are affirming that we accept it.  Are we not ?  We 'like' and 'share' images and videos just for the sheer fact that it exists.   Because our thoughts can become things ?  Where are these distorted ideas coming from ? My friends, collectively we....are....numb.  

I bring this up to urgently reflect upon how violence effects cognitive brain function, relationship to self, to others and the collective global community.  One basic law of physics states that everything happens for a reason and all actions have a consequence whether we are operating unconsciously or consciously.  From one perspective our actions are the effect and thoughts are linked to the cause. If people are witnessing violence and thinking violence then where are we now ?  And more importantly where are we headed ? 

Take a moment to ask yourself how you relate to conflict,  anger, rage, criticism.  What emotions arise ?  Just watch your reactions and you will get a clue.  What are your initial thoughts that arise to these questions ?  With proper motivation we can quickly begin to be the observer of our reactions to get clear answers from our past impressions, memories and conditioning.

In our homes we can be more conscious of why we are watching television (first and foremost) to what type of television programming we are watching and how long we are exposing ourselves and our impressionable future generations too.  We can monitor computer programs and video games.  We can create more dialoge in our community, and school systems.  All of these things and more can we do on an external level to create and prevent violence from numbing and robbing us of our connectedness and interdependence with one another.

If we are to look deeper for more authentic and lasting changes, we must turn inward.  Isn't it so ?  What is it within us that perpetuates negative thoughts and behavior ?  When do angry, violent or aggressive thought patterns pop up ?  Can we separate ourselves from our thoughts that arise before we react ?  Do we react immediately or can we make more conscious choices with different, new responses ?  On a further level, when we become conscious of our thoughts how do we relate to them ?  Are we critical and judgemental when a negative impression passes by ?  Can we come to a place of equinimity and clear discernment ?

If we continue to act in response to a perceived violent and scary world that is projected through media and the entertainment industry, we perpetuate this illusion.  We remain victims, we remain traumatized, numb and trapped in a world that desperatly needs us.

I ask you: do you want to be your own victor ?  Do you truly want peace and harmony  ?  This conscious path is the path within.  When you bring your attention inward you awake to your deep reserve of authentic power, courage, truth and perseverence that has always been there.  With clarity you realize that you have great purpose and potential and in fact, peace, bliss and love are the very essence of you.  Perhaps you begin to see that the idea of someone robbing you of that which is inherent is absurd.   

At this great time of change we can redirect the individual and collective visions for the future.  If we come from an authentic loving place we can add to the collective conscious by being peacful.  The fact is, the old ways are dying but struggling to maintain power through fear and mind control.  When we focus on what we positively want and not on what we don't want we Co-create the future thought by precious thought and step by gentle step.  After all, we are the ones we've been waiting for.

Peace and Bliss
Lalitha Shekinah - Natalie

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