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How to see abundance
by Natalie Pierson on October 13th, 2015

Each of us is walking around (partially) breathing, having our own unique experience of life.  Our perceptions, typically based upon our past conditioning, memories, core and/or genetic beliefs will no doubt influence these experiences.  Some have been fortunate enough to turn off the fight-or-flight auto pilot responses and behaviors that we can so easily slip into.  Depending on ones desire to break free and type of external environment, it will take time, practice & awareness to see that we have been viewing life through the same template.  We can see how a filter of fear (conditioning) over the eyes has taught us to see what is wrong, missing or lacking and prevented us from seeing all that is beautiful and abundant in our lives.

Once we understand that we have a choice and are creating our experience moment by moment with our thoughts, we can begin to see with new eyes, expanded perspectives.  We can be in the old familiar room, same job or with our partner of 12 years, but it is up to us to view things differently.  We remove the magnifying glass and swoop up to view our situation like a soaring eagle.  We have more options; more creative ways to respond.  We see solutions not problems.  We see the haves not the have-nots. We have re-kindled the mystery, our childlike curiosity of life, of others and move beyond thinking we know how everything works.

Our learned perceptions fall within the law of vibration; meaning, if we continue to expect failure, rejection, loss, abandonment or live off the fear of scarcity then we will experience this.  By investing mental energy and anticipating a future outcome from a memory or past pain, this perpetuates the pattern over and over - and in some way validates our 'knowing'.  We complain we want a change but yet in some way enjoy the comfort and safety of this pattern.

When we are able to jump tracks and switch our thoughts, we are able to see what we already have, which at some point in our past we also desired.  We can see what is actually in front of us, or available to us (which is infinite.)  Because of this switch, this realization of what you truly have, you begin to attract more of that to you, because THAT energy can now find a home and reflect back in the material plane based on your thoughts and beliefs.

But how will you appreciate more if you don't even see or appreciate what you have now?
Chances are once you truly take inventory of what you have now, in this moment you will realize how lucky you are.  You might take into consideration your family, or friends; those in your immediate life who love and support you.  You might choose to look at the material possessions you have acquired, the beautiful things to admire, having a roof over your head, your good health, food in your belly and breath upon the lips.  When we pause and feel this gratitude you see for yourself that you have abundance, and in reality YOU ARE ABUNDANCE, a treasure and a gift to share with others. 

GRATITUDE IS THE MAGIC KEY THAT OPENS THE HEART.  When you connect to this energy you can continue to draw in what you feel you need.  Understanding the laws, you begin to allow them to work for you, more consciously and become a magnet for goodness and prosperity.

Ok, Ok, so you get it, but you're still wondering how do you get something you don't 'have yet'? 

First sit upright but relaxed in a chair, grounding both feet, close your eyes, breathe softly, and center yourself breathing out any tension.  Bring all your mental energy inward, focus your external senses inward on the breath, and draw it all into a big ball orbiting in your heart center.  See the color, size and shape.  When you feel it tingle, then you begin to GIVE THANKS for what it is you feel you are missing or wanting.  Visualize it, feel how good it feels to have it in your life, and send up the image in a protective ball of light up and out the crown of your head.  Watch it be received by the Universe and then breathe slowly, release the image, center back in your heart, in your body and then trust that the Universe is conspiring to provide.  Relax, ground yourself back into the earth, smile and open your eyes softly.  

We begin to see abundance when we shift into gratitude.  

With love,
Natalie J. Pierson
-Lalitha Shekinah 

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