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Posted on June 17th, 2016

The power in positive thinking is proven to help broaden ones perspective and sense of possibility in life.  The ability to meditate or apply focused attention also helps with cognitive brain functioning and shifts frontal brain activity to neural patterns associated with positive emotions.  

Meditation called to me over 6 years ago and there is still the mind set that my life, or my experience of life is only getting better and I attribute that to my practice and by continuing to surrender to what i think is possible.

Today I am going to give you a bit more information on the affects of meditation and how together we can focus our energy for great healing powers

Our left pre-frontal cortex is related to meta-cognition (the ability to watch our thought process) and decision making.  By watching our own mental processes we pay attention to patterns which then become an information channel to step into our empowerment.  Based on the information perceived we gain more freedom to respond to our environment versus being stuck in a cycle of unconscious conditioned responses.  Two ways to increases activity in this region of the brain are possible through repetitive practice; being in either a receptive state of awareness, or through a more focused narrow form of attention.  

A Narrowed (focused field) meditation might be on your breath, by visualizing your chakras, aura or energy flowing in a specific way or to healing specific areas.  In open meditation we become aware of the sensations that enter the consciousness that we might not have otherwise noticed.  It is more broad, receptive, open meditation to perceive the stillness (Divine) within and around you.

It has been shown that after 7 seconds of focused attention our thoughtforms create materialized entities, becoming a reality in our life experience.   This is happening regardless of your level of consciousness, so why not be more conscious of what you want, of what you are creating and manifesting.  How you've been conditioned, what impressions and resourcing tools you have available to self regulate will influence what you manifest.  If you continue to multi-task, (We've been programmed to be prideful of this) and not develop your power to focus and bring presence to one thing at a time, you are missing out on harnessing your vital energy.  

In distant healings, studies show the best results were from people sending prayer with compassionate based intentions.  Compassion and empathy are innate in our makeup  and can be generated from a person 'seeing' themselves in another's shoes.. or experience.  Whether its because of mirror neurons or our ability to bring awareness to our heart to feel for another person or place - no doubt we have a profound affect on one another. Quantum physics says that everything is energy so if we are able to apply great concentration and focus though meditation, prayer and intentional thoughts, we can influence the ability to help ourselves, another, or the Mother Earth heal and recover faster with ease and grace.   

Each week we are going to do a group earth healing meditation, It doesn't matter what religion, continent, hue of skin tone, gender, occupation, or clothing you wear,  these are all perceived separations, we are all a part of the global community and each one of us effects the other.  We can choose to live more consciously and compassionately towards creating a brighter more harmonious collective world vision.  

But we must believe it is possible!   Yessss !!!  

When you catch yourself in old thought patterns you can choose to redirect your focus using this physical location as a reference and tap into your innate empathic skills to send love, light, healing, cleansing to yourself FIRST --  then to the chosen area of the week. 

With you
in Love and Gratitude,
Natalie Pierson 

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Amy Knapp - July 15th, 2016 at 8:52 AM

I love reading about you and your work and journey. You are, without doubt, the embodiment of everything Meeting Gg is about. Gg's body is never drawn because we are spirit. I am honored you were a part of the first show and chose a path of peace. Keep up the good work!

With LOVE,

natalie - September 5th, 2016 at 2:24 PM
Just received this Amy ! Awe thank you sooo much! What an honor and wonderful experience to play Gg ! So much love and blessings to you, your family and on your path Goddess : ))) So much love, and let me know when you are in NY next time !! yayy !
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