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Secrets of the Universe
by Natalie Pierson on March 8th, 2018

Nikola Tesla once said, "If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

When it comes to people, we prefer to be around others with "good vibes" because it feels good to us. There are also people that we come across and want nothing to do with, without explanation. #bad vibes

There is an inherent knowing within you, guiding you towards vibrations, situations, an in this case (people) that you resonate/align with, or may be reflecting something within you (more on that next time ;) 

In our environments, there are various frequencies that impact our physical, mental and emotional health. The type of building or town we live in, exposure to wifi, cell towers, and the people we surround ourselves with, all effect us. "Many forms of industrial illness are thought to result from the effects of vibration on the human body. Prolonged exposure causes undue stress and discomfort." (link)   #VibrationsMatter

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, It was reported that 90% of all hospital visits are caused by conditions due to stress. When you are stressed or dis-eased, your body is vibrating at a lower frequency. When your system is returned back to homeostasis, you vibrate at a higher frequency.

When you are vibrationally balanced, you feel better, think clearer and process e-motions smoother and have your vital life force energy. You feel like YOU again!

You are energy. 

Do you get it?
Do you see it?
Can you feel it?

Do you see why it is important to find balance with your thoughts, emotions, body and spirit?
They are all connected.  They are not seperate, but in fact One... all informing one another. 
Your thoughts (beliefs), emotions, and environment all effect you.  And conversely, you influence the environment and people around you with your vibrational state.

​Like attracts like. 

Right now, you have access to so many diverse methods of health care that help you navigate and treat your daily stresses. The fact is, there will always be pressures, demands and committments you make. The skill becomes then, how you relate to them, the choices you make, the support you receive, and the environments you put yourself in to maintain homeostasis.

Here in the west there is the revival and renewal of ancient therapies. In our overstimulating world, we come back to treat complex symptoms with simple cures. #Amen

Lets bring it back to those 3 key words: Energy. Frequency. Vibration

Egyptians, Greeks and many indeginous cultures understood the power of color to heal. In the 1500's a doctor names Paracelsus, "regarded light and color as essential for good health and used them extensively in treatment, together with elixirs, charms and talismans, herbs and minerals." 

This is not hippy shit. This is metaphysical science. 

​We know that color therapy is real and addresses wellness on multiple levels, including your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. It helps to harmonize environmental stressors on your nervous system and positively influences your health.

​If you're interested in exploring and experiencing color therapy in a modern environment, I invite you to attend one of my weekly Chroma Yoga classes at Modrn Sanctuary. Chroma yoga combines color therapy and salt therapy with a traditional yoga flow. You breathe in and saturate yourself in the weekly themed colors to cleanse and detox your system as you stretch and align your body.

Because we too understand the principles of energy, frequency and vibration, this 50 min yoga class was designed to help you open & balance your energy centers, to raise your vibration and to help you feel like you again. #ChromaYoga 

Modrn Sanctuary
12 west 27th st. 9FL NYC
Check out the weekly schedule here
or call (212) 675-9355
 to book. 

See you soon, 
Muchooo Love! 

Natalie Pierson 
Founder - Integrated Form 

IG > Natalie.pierson 

One on One? Private in the salt room? 
Call (212) 675-9355 to book. 

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