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10 ways you'll benefit from 3 unique offerings
by Natalie Pierson on May 5th, 2018


How do you feel in your body right now?

When you scan your body, where do you feel tension? Is your body holding or gripping anywhere? 

Could you take a deep breath in right now, and as you exhale, allow your body to relax in those areas. Allow your body to release any holding, and invite your mind to relax.

How's that feel?

In the last 10 years, I've dedicated myself to learn various movement and self healing practices so I can feel GREAT in my body and also share what I've learned and practice with you.

I do body scan's like this all the time, and I make it my own game throughout the day : )  I invite you to do the same. 

I believe pain/sensations in the body are messages with information for you - to give that area attention. I want you to understand that these physical sensations stem from from how you; handle, relate and respond to stress in your life (i.e. your thoughts and emotions + what you are putting in your mouth!!!)

I want you to understand that you are energy... and energy needs to flow.

If you ignore your body it will send stronger messages: pain, numbness, it may lock up, back up and then you need outside intervention. The old way is to be isolated from your body, then go to someone else and have them tell you what 'is wrong' with you.

The new way is prevention/maintanence: listen to, connect with and respect your body and its messages. If you feel tension or are starting to lock up -->>>  then move your body - likewise, if you feel good, keep it up... keep moving in ways you feel open, strong and mobile, so your thoughts and e-motions can flow and your Qi can continue to nourish and sustain your whole being. 

It is my wish that you to feel amazing and vibrant in your body! I want you to move with efficiency and coordination and to feel love within yourself on the deepest level possible. 

Do you want to feel amazing in your body too?

Check out the top 10 ways you'll benefit from 3 unique experiences I offer: 
One on one sessions, Classes and Transformational Workshops ​

1) Nervous System Relaxed: Your overactive mind and nervous system are continuously releasing cortisol in your blood stream and your body needs a break! If you live in NYC, come receive a one on one session with me and relax effortlessly so your body and mind can get back into balance. Most clients even slip into a short restful nap : ) Book Here

2) Physical Tension Released: I love getting physical tension to melt from the body. (Your shoulders and neck are my favorite target area!) Other benefits: increased joint range of motion and energy flow enhanced.

3) Inner Peace Reconnected: Deep inside you, peace and quiet exists. I assist your body to drop into this vast and timeless space. You leave refreshed with a new perspective. 

4) Energy Balanced: Mondays & Thursdays 7pm join me in the himalayan salt room @ModrnSanctuary for a traditional yoga flow. This environment supports the balancing of your mental, physical  and energetic bodies through; color therapy, salt therapy and union of breath and body. Conquer the NYC fast paced life & balance your energy. rsvp here

5) Inflammation Reduced: Himalayan salt helps to increase energy, improve focus and reduce inflammation. Himalayan salt contains the 24 essential minerals our bodies need and helps to cleanse and detox the body as well. Saturate yourself in the salts and breathe deep to take in its healing benefits.

6) Mood Uplifted: This (200 year old) salt room floor is heated and thus releases negative ions into the air. With a surplus of negative ions in the air, your body releases the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is the feel good hormone. Just as the ocean shore and forests contain negative ions, so does this magical salt room, come escape and leave with positive vibes. 

7) Intelligence Enhanced: With a consistent yoga practice you begin to cultivate deeper awareness and access your intuition more clearly. You learn to expand the energy in your body by using your intention and begin to attain higher states of consciousness, creativity and insight. #bodyintelligence

8) Empowerment Activated: I co-facilitate 2 hour Breath + Movement workshops called Who Am I? that support your personal transformation. You experience a sacred space in which you discover the power of self inquiry and become more aware of your thoughts and words. We also teach you about your primary (chakras) so you learn to become more masterful from the inside out.  Next experience May 19th <<---- 

9) Breath Revitalized: My amazing colleague Lisa Meta  is a transformational lifecoach and leads the biodynamic breathwork portion of our workshop. She teaches you about the power, quality and depth of your breath and how to use it to create change on a cellular level. Our tagline is: Breathe deep. Move more. Be you. 

10) Vibration Elevated: Whatever your current; beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns are, dictate your vibrational frequency and the experiences you attract into your reality. You literally leave these workshops - a whole new person because you Breathe + Move through any blocks and resistances that are weighing you down. Leave liberated, elevated and ready to call in the new experiences and relationships that match your new vibration. Learn more or Register Here

I hope to connect with you soon, 
Inner peace and Love,

Highest Regards, 
Natalie J. Pierson 
Integrated Form

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