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Posted on March 12th, 2015

Last mid-October I kept seeing the letter X.  Day after day I would see it in the subway, on billboards and the words 'Vagal' and 'Vagus' kept coming to mind.  Why were these words sticking out and why was the letter X jumping out so prominently ?  

As the years have passed I've learned to listen to the voices and clues that I receive more and more.   I trust they are trying to tell me something.  This time they were directing me to look into the Vagus nerve.  

For those of you that don't know, the Vagus nerve is the 10th of 12 cranial nerves and is also known as nerve X.  Also known as the 'wandering' nerve, it starts from the top of the spinal cord all the way down through the pharynX, LarynX and thoraX.  That's a lot of X's, right ?  Biologically speaking the Vagus nerve is connected to processes in voice production, our digestive process, inflammation responses and regulates patterns between breathing and our heart rate.

The Vagus nerve, stemming from the medulla oblongata which regulates our autonomic nervous system is our interface with the world.  It is used in long distance readings and healings and is related to feelings of better social support and acts of altruism.  I was not surprised to read that it is considered the 'love nerve' or 'caretaking nerve'.  People with higher vagal profiles tend to have more compassion and when people are shown images of others suffering or hear inspiring stories, this nerve 'fires up.'  Those with higher vagal profiles also have increased positive emotions, are more resilient and are trusted in interactions with strangers.
So what might one do looking to improve and strengthen their own vagal profile ?  The two major things found are exercise and meditation.  If we can use these practices to help regulate the Vagus nerve (get more parasympathetic and receptive) we can help rejuvenate our bodies physiology and regulate our life !

Anatomically speaking this mind-body nerve runs through the smooth muscle of the diaphragm.  With deep, full inspirations we can really begin to stimulate, bring balance and harmony to our nervous system and simultaneously to our thoughts and emotions.  Intentional full breathing slows the heart rate, eases physical tension and it helps settle the digestive process. The only time our diaphragm fully relaxes is on the exhale of deep breathing as we are fully engaging this smooth muscle.  Remember if you don't use it, you lose it and your breath is the key to everything.  If you have shallow breathing, chances are you'll identify with feeling more nervous, anxious and disconnected in life.
When you begin to feel ungrounded, overwhelmed or emotional this may mean your head is not in the present moment and simply put it is too far ahead of the body (I.e. subtle energy is lighter and faster than more gross/physical matter.)  So to reconnect and anchor in the body we can stimulate the diaphragm through vigorous exercise which inadvertently strengthens our parasympathetic nervous system.  Or we can pause,  focus and take deep breaths in through the nose then exhale slowly through the mouth (as if blowing through a straw.)  Go ahead and close your eyes.  On a day-to-day basis we might feel stress, have moments of discomfort or uncomfortableness in certain situations.  This breathing will help recalibrate our system.  This simple focus on breathing will bring more internal harmony on a subtle level and in time manifest in physical well being and longevity.

When we are short of breath, mind racing in a sympathetic state we simply cannot relate to others as easily nor can we see value in why it would be of benefit to us.  At those times we are only concerned with ourselves and on a basic level, for our own safety.  Me. Me. Me.  We stay busy forgetting that we are here because of others and on a deep level crave to share ourselves and be acknowledged by others.  We have the most luxuries and comfort we've ever had as a human race and are not in immediate danger.  However, we keep re-creating these feelings and this insanity then are somehow expecting different results of success, happiness and peace without making internal connections to our experiences.  

When we are calm and relaxed we are naturally more receptive and open.  We have a choice to bring presence and fully listen to ourselves and to others.  Each of us desires to be heard and recognized, so why not start now and continue with each breath.  With focused slow breaths, exercise and even visualization of this miraculous wandering nerve inside, we can attune to our own mind-body connection.  As research has shown we can feel an increase of positive emotions and vitality.  We can make empowered conscious choices moment by moment while fully connected to the body.  Chances are you'll feel more grounded, focused and loving towards yourself, your loved ones and world around you.  Remember what happens in Vagus doesn't have to stay in Vagus.  Spread that LOVE.

Taking slow 
delicious breaths now
(Lalitha Shekinah)

Posted on March 10th, 2015

I don't feel like speaking to you
In the way of put down and blame.
I only want to uplift, nourish you
This is time for positive praise.

I don't feel like speaking to you 
You know sometimes words get in the way.
In order for change we can't criticize
Lead by example:  We must elevate.

I don't feel like speaking to you
Sometimes reactions they come to my face.
What goes in, what comes out:  Its mathematics
Conditioning of the supreme human race.

The way out - is never against
The way out - is actually in
No longer distracted;  Big agenda
Healing thyself is where we begin.

Those that have been told to forget
Or history put down your family's name...
You must have been 
So powerful.

I'm here to remind you 
And deep joy
Are yours 
To now

by Natalie Pierson on December 4th, 2014

​'Forgive me for my projections 
It was just a form of protection
I see now, nobody
is an enemy or jerk 
My higher self gave me this lesson
to put into work 
Outside perception of pollution 
Trying to fight with resistance 
When raising our individual consciousness
is the healing solution 

Because were all connected 
Like the matrix, connective tissue 
It's the glue that holds us together 
Transmits messages, have immune system issue ?
You need to move your body 
Feelings & occupations can create
a freeze 
Becomes a reflection of the mental 
Exhale, let go, surrender, release 
Stagnate energy- blocked Qi
Means Dis-ease

We live on temporary highs 
Craving sexual touch 
You don't know your true voice yet 
Insecure, pretend to know much'
It's what our ancestors did'
And our culture - permeates deep 
Longstanding beliefs engrained 
Break free become black sheep
Let go of secrets you keep 
For It's just fear you reap 
Think you're awake but
consciousness asleep
Visit subconscious to understand beliefs 
Clear away so brilliant divine light
can beam 
Inside your soul become purified
Say what you feel
Feel what you mean 
Climb up that mountain shake it up

Listen to our elders and the shaman Please 
Great spirits We call upon you now 
Please Help us 
to dream 
a new dream'

Posted on November 6th, 2014

The education system 
has only done them worse, 
cutting funding, mandatory testing
seems to do exact reverse

Discourage other types
of intelligence
New generations come here to teach Us !
Adult ego accumes it knows more
So kids shipped off- Conformity bus.

Don't tell us your dreams !
Don't share your creative visions
'This is the way the world is'
Embarrassed by your hallucinations

And yet we pop FDA pills and swallow them down
And drinking every night - socially acceptable right ?
Just get through your week
and remember not to speak (up)
We're now watching your every move
..If you see something say something 
(But if you speak up against us you'll lose)

And if you begin to feel something it can only be referred to as pain
It can only be quieted shame 
keep you swept up in hopelessness 
continue avoidance - Blame.

Identify differences - we're praised 
as a child
As we get older - people lonely
We forgot our similarities. WOW.
For happiness we've been taught to 'look out'

We can't survive like this
Mother Earth she needs a voice
let's forgive
Make positive choice.

We want to feel something 
We know a deeper truth
We don't need to search any longer 
Our beating hearts
living proof

Come under my wing
Come under my temple roof
There is limitless love 
Inside of you
There is limitless light
When Truth is your view
There is limitless presence 
When no 'thing' to 'do'

I'm not telling you the way,
All the Masters direct within
If you want to experience harmony
Observe thyself
Know thyself
Love thyself
See thyself in others
No longer need to sin,
It can only be win win,
Change yourself not change the world
is where we need to begin.

by Natalie Pierson on October 26th, 2014

I have recently been thinking about the effects of conditioning in relationship to competition, success and conflict resolution; what it means to me and to us collectively. Living in the United States and in the epicenter (New York City) of;  Fashion, Financial Wealth, Fame and "Success"  it's pretty common to feel this competitive mindset with the 'grind to succeed' attitude promoted here.  From the collective one might take on beliefs such as  "I have to do this alone" or.. "I will fight my way to the top" ... "I can't rely upon anyone".. or have the general feeling that you have to compete with others to get what you want.. (fill in the blank with your old story or beliefs.)  

I am so sick of these outdated thoughts and ready to experience the world in a new way!  How about you?  It's simply NOT the truth or it's no longer in alignment with MY TRUTH.  

Who is speaking when you hear that voice ?  Are you able to separate the mind, projections, or collective pain body from your own deeper knowing ?

The definition of competition is based upon two (or more) organisms occupying the same space, competing for needs that appear scarce.  In the case of organisms that don't have a brain or a higher operating system things aren't personal it's just;  the strong survive, and the weaker one will not survive in the same way.

My questioning of this subject has arisen from looking honestly at my own beliefs and sometimes uncomfortable feelings.  I have been dedicated to my healing path for more than 3 years now.  I've accessed different resources, people, places and ways to allow subconscious drives, patterns, habits and thoughts to surface; and let me tell you, it's not always easy or pretty to look at.  This major theme about scarcity and competition is buried deep within me; and most likely within you.  (But now we know by simply observing and acknowledging these feelings or thoughts, we can then set ourselves free from this deception and step into a more truthful, loving way of co-exisiting.)

I do know that  fundamentally we are inhabiting a multicellular, living, vibrating organism so our instinctual drive for competition and survival go far back.  But  have we not also survived in the spirit of cooperation, in harmony, for mutual benefit ?   

Just as the endosymbiotic relationship between mitochondria and a larger Host bacterial cell joined together, we too can come together and thrive!  We have similar goals that CAN and ARE being shared and supported.  MY DIRECT EXPERIENCES HAVE COMPLETELY SUPPORTED THIS EVIDENCE.  In fact I'm not alone in feeling that this is the only way.  

You see, It is up to us to remind each other why we came here.  WE-ARE- IN-THIS-TOGETHER.  Do you remember now dear friend ?

Competition:  is the opposite of cooperation.[1][2] It arises whenever at least two parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared or which is desired individually but not in sharing and cooperation. 

Cooperation:  Is the process of groups of organisms working or acting together for their common/mutual benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit. 

  If we are smart, adaptable living organisms (which we are :)  I want to look out for you!   Your success is my success. I acknowledge that essence in you equally within me.  Underneath all our stories and masks and separation of language, country and color.  We are more the same than different.

I challenge us to stop telling the story of independence.. of how 'independent' you are or that you need to force your way to the 'top'.  Perhaps this story evolved because someone at some point was not there for you, perhaps you felt let down, not supported or were loved conditionally.  I understand.  And chances are, if you open up and talk with other people like yourself, they have had the same experience!  So.... NOW is a new moment.   A new opportunity, and perhaps, just maybe the way to take action to integrate this new belief into your reality is by........ being there for someone else!  

​But first, I challenge you to be there for your Self.  To listen, hold, fully support, believe in and cooperate with your heart with your truth and all your vulnerability and infinite potential!  This openness and vulnerability are the very things that allow you to receive and feel support from others.  Then, you can truly experience the reality - that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WANTS ME TO SUCCEED ! 

Love and success to you !
until next time,
Natalie Pierson

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