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After every session with her, I feel renewed, relaxed and restored. -Saron H.


60/90 Min Bodywork + Energy Healing Session
Rhythmic compression and stretching of Thai Yoga Massage, Balancing and relaxing energy of Reiki, Release held tension, increase body alignment with Zero Balancing

+ Option to receive guided meditation, yoga and/or breathwork.

                    60MIN SESSION $165 > BOOK BELOW                                                                                     90MIN SESSION $222 > BOOK BELOW

 'Her skills, her intuition, tactics and energy - are like nothing I've experienced. I will go back again and again!'  -ALIDA

PACKAGE SESSIONS • Dive Deeper • save $$

Custom tailored 60 min package sessions
Depending on your goals and needs you can receive any of the following combinations:
Body work/energy healing +  guided meditation + yoga +  breathwork.

Release held tension, shift stuck energy to increase body alignment.
Gain greater body awareness, learn sacred practices
& expand your toolbox for daily Self
centering, strengthening and empowerment.

6 SESSIONS • 60min sessions > BOOK BELOW                                                            10 SESSIONS • 60min sessions > BOOK BELOW

1 month program

4 Week Private Series Includes:
• Weekly Bodywork Energy Healing Sessions
• Weekly Illumination Phone Calls
• Reflective questions & guided meditation
• Support from Natalie

This 4 week program was created for you to receive the full benefits of integrative bodywork & energy healing. Each week receive reflective questions pertaining to hidden shadows or beliefs on your; Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual elements of your Self.

Then together, we'll discover & heal these in your 30 min weekly phone calls and integrate in our 60 min in person sessions.

Sick of the inner judgement, criticism and avoidance of different parts of you?
Are you ready to accept, love and EMBRACE all of you?

thank you for adhering to our 24 hour cancellation policy - failure to do so, client will be charged FULL PRICE.