24 hour cancellation policy

Break  & Shake   Wednesdays 12pm

Open Level Dynamic Body Meditation
81 Broadway st. 3fl, Williamsburg

Natalie's signature class that leads you through all her favorite energizing exercises! We'll explore and receive all the benefits of bioenergetic shaking, chakra breathing, sun salutations and free form movement to wake you up from the inside out. Boost your immune system, flexibility and mood in this 55min class that is guaranteed to open your spine, shake off any tension and elevate your spirit.

Yoga Restore    Mondays    7pm   

Open level Restorative Class 

81 Broadway st. 3fl, Williamsburg


This 55min Traditional Yoga Flow focuses on breath to release held tension and unwind your nervous system. Class closes with a 5 element stretch then drops you into an extended sivasana to reboot. Sleep like a champ.

located at 81 broadway
3rd floor
williamsburg brooklyn