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HOlistic Healing

Able Costa - Cranial sacral therapist, bodyworker, neural cognitive scientist.  Beyond Self offers an integrative and holistic approach to bodywork which includes Massage Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  Abel Costa is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. Mindfulness and receptivity help to cultivate empathy between practitioner and client while providing the ideal foundation for a therapeutic relationship. Beyond Self
Michael Dardano - Chiropractor & Holistic Healthcare
Our most important services: Chiropractic Low-Force Techniques
Sports Injury |  Rehabilitative Therapy  |  Applied Kinesiology Testing and Nutritional Evaluation  |  Dietary Modification and Counseling
Homeopathic Remedies |  Reiki -Chakra and Energy Balancing and 
Color and Sound Therapy  Dardano Chiropractic
Joseph Giancona -  Accupuncture and Homeopathic medicine
Focusing on Difficult & Complex Cases.  Although we excel in natural, drug-free solutions for chronic and acute pain, neurological disorders, cardiovascular conditions, immune disorders, women's health issues, and weight management disorders, we want you to realize that we focus on difficult and complex cases and function as a last resort for "medical throw-aways" of all conditions that have not responded to conventional medicine.  Neighborhood Natural Medicine
Rev. Krista N. Mitchell, BFA, RMT, is a healer and teacher who has created a system of energy therapy that combines crystals, Reiki, shamanism, and spiritual counsel to help reduce stress, chronic pain, and heal emotional wounds.  She is a master crystal therapist who is certfied as a Reiki Master-Teacher, a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Reader by Doreen Virtue, PhD, and is legally ordained as an inter-faith Minister in NYC.  Rock Whisperer

Partners & Blogs

Anna Goldstein is an NYU Certified Life Coach, who empowers individuals and professionals to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals and holds you accountable to achieve your desires. Anna directs individuals and professionals towards success and shows you how to shift your perceptions to make positive life changes. If you’re feeling stuck, confused or unhappy Anna provides you with the tools to take action and achieve results.  Self In The City



Marky PIerson | media

Wonderdog Design is actively launching or energizing new ventures, ideas, and artists alike.  Marky is motivated by bold new projects and bringing people together to create an art filled community. Specializing in Print and Online Media - Marketing Promotions & Video Work.

Nils Ericson |  Photography

Nils's Ericson's photographs are based on his perceptions of athleticism and physicality, the end result tending towards nature and the beast. Nils lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with his dogs Emmet and Bubbles.

Stay Creative | Art

Steve Jacob's Stay Creative Artist Services. Multi-Media Creative Services with experience in both traditional and digital media. Drawing, Painting, Music, Film & more. 

Emily Ullrich | photography

Emily Jean Ullrich documents her life, travels and experiences with her camera. Emily mostly shoots film and polaroid. She feels as though film has a soul, an essence that adds a magic quality to all her photographs. Emily Jean Ullrich