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​A Soul Journey  Connecting to the source of the song inside With Jacqueline & Natalie
Sunday December 16  11-5pm  @307 West 30th st. 3rd floor 

Song is a prayer that echoes...  It is time to Liberate!!! Unlock Your Voice and Free Your Song
This very special 6 hour playshop is for you to connect to your creativity, to open and free your body, breath & then voice. 

• Lifeforce energy (Shakti) wants to move through you
• Your voice and soul message long to be heard
• Give yourself the gift of song to bring forward into the new year.
• Build self confidence and allow yourself to be seen

In this sacred journey, you will be guided to drop deep, to move, breathe and sound into your body and connect with your souls essence. Listen to the voice within, embrace it and express it. Have an opportunity to speak your truth and be witnessed in a small judgement free community. This experience will be activational and pleasurable. You will strengthen the cord to access and retrieve the connection to your lost voice.

Jacqueline & Natalie will guide you through meditation, movement, breath and visualization to open and allow your instrument to express. Be held in sacred space with both of these incredible healers and facilitators to release, express, move to allow this energy to move through you.      

Sunday, December 16, 11-5pm  • Early Bird $80 • $108 after 12/8  REGISTER HERE
​ All are welcome • Light snacks + Tea included  

Who Am I?  ​Saturday, December 8 •  End of year ritual & celebration • 6:00 – 9:00 PM  @Bowery Yoga   REFLECT. RELEASE. ENVISION.

Lisa Meta & Natalie Pierson deliver their signature combination of Biodynamic Breathwork + Embodied Movement. They will will be hosting a very special evening for you to reflect, release and envision in a sacred community space.

This experience will support you to reflect and gain wisdom from what 2018 brought to you. Through ritual you will be guided to release all that does not serve you to make space for envisioning what you would like to create for 2019! You will leave feeling connected, inspired and ready for the new year!
Music from all over the world will be played to support your transformational journey.

Early Bird Special  1 ticket $45 • 2 tickets $75 
$60 after 12/1  REGISTER HERE  (space is limited)
Tea + Parting gift bag included 

The Mindfulness Project 
with Natalie Pierson
A NY state of mindfulness  

Sunday December 9, 5-6:15pm  
East river pilates 235 S. 1st st. Brooklyn

An effortless dive into mindfulness practices with Natalie Pierson. In this workshop you will be guided through various gentle body stretches to release held tension and simple breath & meditation techniques for you to expand your toolbox.

Mindfulness practices help to reduce stress, anxiety and develop mental and emotional resilience. Increase your capacity to focus, to feel better in your body and respond to life from a variety of perspectives. Given the constant noise, distraction and chaos from the outside world, it is very important to cultivate our connection to inner peace and stillness. 

This is NOT a regular meditation class, but an opportunity to connect deeper to yourself and into the support of the ERP community.