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Embodied Anatomy With Natalie Pierson

Sundays, March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st & April 7th
*Series or Drop-In!*

Are you a newly certified practitioner or inspired yogi wanting to gain a more vast understanding of anatomy and your chakras?

This 5 part series is for anyone interested in diving deeper into anatomy and energy, to see how it all works together. Each week, there will be a presentation on a new layer of the body starting with the deepest level, your bones and ending with the bio fields that surround your body.

Expand your awareness and knowledge of the human vessel and its fascinating inner workings without spending thousands of dollars or taking a yoga teacher training. Use this content to create a more conscious connection to your body, and apply it for accelerated physical healing. For practitioners & teachers, this series will leave you feeling more confident and accurate when educating your clients or when offering your holistic modality.

Each series will contain a teaching, movement and meditation. You will receive a workbook for visual content, to record notes, and to take home with you for further study. Dress comfortable and be prepared to sit, move and explore in this exciting 5 part series.

March 3, Session 1 - Skeletal system, anatomical position, planes of movement, the spine.

March 10, Session 2 - Muscular system, actions, functions and types of joints.

March 17, Session 3 - Fascia (light matrix), and your central nervous system (CNS)

March 31, Session 4 - Respiratory System: Anatomy of breathing, and the Lymphatic (immune) system

April 7, Session 5 - Organs, chakras, and bio fields

Exchange: $85 per workshop or $375 for the series
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samadhi flow 

Samadhi Flow
with Natalie Pierson

This 90 minute exploration will help you to stretch, awaken and align your body into a blissful and harmonious state. In this journey you'll be guided through meditation to center the mind, breath to purify & invigorate, and gentle movement to drop you into a more relaxed and embodied posture.

Join us for this special combination of taoist, yogic and tantric practices to experience greater balance and inner peace. Utilize these sacred practices to create union with your body and breath.