24 hour cancellation policy

1 on 1  sessions
modrn Sanctuary wellness center 
12 west 27th st. 9fl  • nyc


Stretch & Align 

Thai style bodywork.  
Rhythmic compression and stretching to release held tension, stress & improve joint mobility. Open up your body to let energy flow. Leave more connected, present and calm.

Balance & Clear 

​Intuitive energy healing.
Relax effortlessly, allow your nervous system to reset. Get out of your anxious thinking and back into your body. Clear and balance energy blocks for clearer thinking & emotions to flow easily. 

me + you + himalayan salt room = MAGIC

Combine any of the following:
•Thai Yoga Bodywork
• Reiki Energy Healing/Clearing
• Private Yoga instruction
• Pranayama & Meditation
• Spiritual Guidance

Relaxing, releasing,  detoxing and clearing for your body, mind and spirit. 
This is 200 million year old salt is from the sacred and powerful Himalayan mountains. Benefits include bodily absorption of essential minerals we need that this salt contains. Reduces inflammation, asthma and allergies (symptoms), enhances energy and focus. Releases negative ions which helps to clear, cleanse and detox your energy field and boosts serotonin production.