24 hour cancellation policy

"life is a song. It has its own rhythm of harmony." -Dr. R. Stone

These sessions will create more balance in your body for you to tune-in to and align with your highest  Self. 

Stretch & Align 

Thai style bodywork.  
Rhythmic compression and stretching to release held tension & improve joint mobility. Open up and tune-in to the positive flow of life. Leave more connected, present and calm.

Balance & Clear 

​Intuitive energy healing.
Relax effortlessly and reset your nervous system. Balance your energy field for clearer thinking & e-motions to flow easily. Receive a soul essence reading: leave refreshed, remember who you are.  

zen Adventure

Me + You + Himalayan Salt room = Bliss
Choose from any of the following:
•Thai Bodywork
• Energy Healing
• Private Yoga instruction, Pranayama & Meditation

Relaxing, releasing,  detoxing, clearing for your body, mind and spirit.