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We know it, and deep down you do too!
But something is in your way.​

You feel stuck.
You can’t see how to get to the other side. 
The journey ahead is overwhelming and you’re thinking, “where do I even start?”

Your fear of the unknown is keeping you in your current I AM.
The old you wants to keep you safe in the familiar, but yet there is a whisper, a secret desire for change, tapping at your soul… and that whisper is what brought you here!
Yay, so glad you are here. 

7 week self mastery program 

Was created for you to break through from what is holding you back from reaching your potential and to discover the power of self inquiry.

We offer a unique blend of meditation, breathwork, movement (dance/yoga), mind mastery, anatomy, chakra, nutrition & science teachings. You will learn to reframe old thought patterns and release tension in your body to own a whole new understanding of who you are. This program combines intimate group experiences with customized private sessions so you can have accountability and support the whole way.

Over the course of the program, you will learn how to master your mind and use your thoughts to become a conscious creator. Through breath and movement you will release tension and old stories that are keeping you in a lower vibrational state. From there you will create a clear vision for your future with your upgraded body and mind dialogue… ultimately leading you to love and accept yourself deeply!   

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” – Socrates

Whats included in the program?

​The 3 half day retreats will focus on harnessing the energy of your brain, body and breath in 3 main areas of life:

1. Saturday May 5th: 
Money, Prosperity, Abundance

Change your money story so you allow yourself to receive more. #ilovemoney

2. Saturday May 26th:
Relationships, Communication, Personal Power

Examine how you relate to yourself and others and enhance your communication skills. #lifeisareflection

3. Saturday June 2nd:
Health, Vitality, New Vision

Create a new vision for your future as the new you. #manifestor