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"Experience has shown that peoples lives feel smoother when they're getting regular body-mind therapy:
it is an avenue toward discovering your true nature." -Dr. Fritz Smith 

thai yoga massage 

Thai Yoga Massage called the "lazy man's yoga," uses acupressure and compression along the body to deliver a calm, meditative state while enhancing circulation and muscular relaxation.

Together we work on creating a better balance mentally, physically and emotionally using the Ayurvedic philosophy:  Opposites heal.  

zero balancing 

​​Zero Balancing is a hands-on therapy​ that I use as the foundation for bodywork on the table.  It supports tension release at the level of the
bones.  In a typical session the client experiences 'expanded states of consciousness', and leaves feeling taller and more centered within themselves. 

Dr. Fritz Smith developed ZB techniques from Osteopathic Manipulation, Acupuncture and Meditation.  It is an integrative method that addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of the whole Self.  


Energy is Everything.​  Everything is Energy.​

By working with the life force within and around all things, 
Reiki can be used to accelerate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. 

It is administered by a "laying of hands" and supports this unseen life force energy to flow in the most optimal and harmonious direction, increasing your health vitality.

yoga & meditation 

Are you a beginner yogi looking to develop your practice? Need guidance in incorporating breath and meditation techniques in your current practice ?    

I  offer private sessions in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and can be hired to teach group classes, workshops & wellness events.

Gain confidence in this ancient self healing practice.  Align your spine, quiet the mind and let your spirit soar!