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My sessions with Natalie 
are my own deeply therapeutic time to listen and feel inwards with her guidance. Every time I leave, I feel uplifted, confident and centered.   -Stephanie 
Beautiful experience.. Natalie is wonderful, loving, full of light and caring worth. I felt safe and being genuinely taken care of. I left the building feeling energized with light. THANK YOU!  -Na'ama B.

Thank you for guiding me
into my shift from the 3rd dimension to the 5th, you are the embodiment of the feminine divine, a truly AMAZING healer  -Chicago F
Very powerful healing, real deal. I recommend her to everyone.  -Teva
What I love about her most is the way she makes you feel understood and connects with you. She deeply listens and you can instantly tell she was born to do this work. If you're looking for something special, ready to dive deeper and are looking for a healer, Natalie is it!  Book her asap. Don't wait. - Monica 
Seeing her on a regular basis has provided space for my body and mind to relax. In addition to her skillful touch, she has been teaching me breath and meditation techniques to calm and center myself.. I highly recommend her therapeutic and enlightening services! -Tom
Sit in her presence 
for a few minutes and you will immediately feel her contagious joyful spirit jump out and love you. If you are in dark times or just need a shift,  lay down on her table and it’s like a magic trick how well her healing  methods work.  - Jordan H.
I was new to the practice of Energy Healing, but with Natalie as your guide you will take an amazing journey into yourself and return refreshed! - Heather Cariou, Author/Narrative Medicine
Natalie's healing touch and spirit relaxes you as she combines her unique treatment of thai yoga massage and intuitive energy healing.  I have personally benefitted from her sessions and highly recommend her.   Shari Auth, LAC, LMT 
Natalie’s massage was the best massage I’ve ever had, on a physical and energetic level... she knew exactly what areas needed healing without me saying a word. She rejuvenated me!  - Alida
Natalie has a deep understanding of anatomy and implements various techniques to customize sessions according to the changing needs of my body.   She provides an environment that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Seeing Natalie on a weekly basis has improved my physical training and mental well being.  -Robert , NYC
Natalie is the best of the best! She is a true healer who deeply understands the body and the spirit. After every session with her I feel renewed, relaxed and restored. Her presence and touch are magical. She's the real deal- a true gem in NYC!  - Saron H.
She has a way of deepening my ability to relax into my body that is effortless and enables me to fully breath into my sense of being. She has the touch and gift of an advanced healer that transcends beyond her years. - Abel Costa  
Magician. Healer. Friend. Intuitive. Kind. Natalie is the real deal. In just a few short weeks, I am embracing life without pain (both emotional and physical) A true energy healer, Natalie lifts your spirit and brings physical health back in balance.  -Nancy P.
I have benefitted immensely
from working with Natalie.  She is a rare jem that helps me stay balanced in my creative and busy life.  
I highly recommend her services.  -Nancy Wang, LCD Soundsystem
Her skills, her intuition, tactics and energy as they are like nothing I’ve experienced and I truly loved every second. I will go back again and again, she is a true gem with the most welcoming heart. -  Fatimah
Natalie is truly THE BEST!!!! She really listens to understand what you're looking for and has an unbelievable intuition/ability to read energy, ensuring a truly holistic experience that will leave you feeling centered, relaxed and energized all at once. Recommend you do yourself a huge favor and book a session with Natalie ASAP!  Your body & mind will thank you. - Holly A. 
She is gentle and empathetic and makes you feel accepted and safe. I didn’t hesitate to express myself and even cry in front of her. If you're wanting to feel seen, heard and grounded or to experience the release of stresses from your everyday life, I highly recommend Natalie.   -Reshma 

From start to finish Natalie makes you feel at home and at peace.  As someone who regularly meditates and receives massages her work is one of a kind.  She is a master at coupling energy and touch, I highly recommend this experience.  -Max B
She’s skilled in Reiki, breath work, massage, body work, yoga, healing, counseling ... you name any goal or physical or emotional problem and she has the tools and mastery to help, and has a deep spiritual touch.  She’s a joy to be with on top of it all!   -Kyle  
...Of all the therapies and practices that I have followed this proves to be one of the most powerful and transformative.  I highly, highly recommend her work.  I owe Natalie deep thanks and a bow of gratitude and look forward to making visits with her part of my mind-body routine.  -Blaze L.   Artist  
Her technique is of an experienced and centered healer, aware of the physical and spiritual bridge she has created for you and introduces you into its totality gently then brings you back with equal tenderness. - Edgar
I have had many massages in the 8+ years I have been involved in the wellness industry both professionally and for personal well being and lifestyle.  Getting right to the point, Natalie's work is in all honesty, life changing and it begins not on the massage table but the moment you meet her and take in her presence.  I have met many holistic healers but very few resonate with an awareness and healing light that goes beyond the physical.  There is a powerful aura of quiet confidence about her that pulls you in instantly then is softened with a touch of warmth and vulnerability.  It doesn't get any more real than that.  These unique attributes, in my opinion, allows her to tap into faculties that facilitate her energy work.  - Edgar Monserrate Artist/DJ/Coordinator Modrn Sanctuary Wellness Center
Natalie has a deep understanding of anatomy and implements various techniques to customize sessions according to the changing needs of my body.   She provides an environment that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Seeing Natalie on a weekly basis has improved my physical training and mental well being.  -Robert , NYC
As Commissioner of one of the largest amateur sports leagues in NYC, the Corporate Athletic League & Play Big Apple, it is very important for me to not only be physically fit, but also spiritually fit.  Natalie provides this and more.  She is a one stop healer/trainer. Not only is she proficient in weight & aerobic training, she also provides energy work-yoga-meditation-& nutrition advice...I feel 500% better in my body, I highly recommend Natalie Pierson!  
-Steve Frenchman, NYC
My session with Natalie was exceptionally rejuvenating and totally inspiring.  I left feeling relaxed and centered, grounded and calm.  Natalie has an innate understanding of the unique needs of each person and each body. I cannot recommend Natalie enough!  -Julia, BK
Her hands felt like heating pads ! Natalie makes you feel so comfortable and her work is amazing.  I highly recommend her!  Liz 
I felt as if a weight had been lifted after my session with Natalie.  I felt more carefree and relaxed and had an open mind to let the light and the unknown into better myself. - Michael, BK
Natalie begins by listening attentively, openly. She is receptive. Not just with her ears, but using the intuitive wholeness of connected heart and body... without force -- in short, Natalie helps each body trust itself again. - Alexis, BK
Natalie adjusted and aligned my body on her table and as she did this she led me in a conversation that examined my current state of mind, thoughts of self, etc. I don't know at which point the conversation ceased but I realized that I was in a relaxed state: conscious yet also in a dream state. During the process of our session I had intense visuals, felt I was encountering a lot of the negative energy as it was being unearthed and felt the positive reassuring energy of Natalie's presence.  -Carrie, Singer/Performer
I have been training with Natalie for 2 years. (3-4 days per week).  She has helped me achieve my goals of improving strength, muscle and overall physical fitness. Her training is beyond the session in the gym, she is also focused on my longer term goals and recommending other things that help improve overall well being. When I injured my shoulder last year she recommended a physical therapist and worked with him to adjust my training to compliment therapy. Her knowledge, dedication, preparation along with her friendly but motivational style has helped me to achieve my goals and lead a more healthy life. I look forward to my sessions with Natalie.  - Rob B. - NYC
Natalie has helped me focus on so many aspects of my daily life-- losing weight, gaining muscle, feeling stronger, and having more energy! She tailors my workouts and helps me work towards my goals in a most effective way. She has provided inspiration and information regarding nutrition, circulation and I'm more aware of my nutrient and water intake.  Serena R. - NYC