24 hour cancellation policy

SATURDAY, March 24th >  6:30 – 8:30 PM
THEME: root chakra 

Everything you need is inside of you!​

​Each experience creates a space for personal transformation through our signature combination of Biodynamic Breathwork led by Lisa Meta and Dynamic Body Movements led by Natalie Pierson.

We believe deep breathing and moving dynamically are the two most efficient and effective ways to balance your energy and elevate your personal vibration.

Learning how to breathe deeply and connect to your body allows for more relaxation and confidence. You begin to trust yourself and navigate through life’s ups and downs with more acceptance and gratitude. 
When you leave this workshop you will have stretched your body, your mind and own a whole new understanding of who you are. 
Breathe deep. Move more. Be You.
We create sacred experiences for personal transformation, thus contributing to individual empowerment and the awakening of global consciousness.

Who am I? uses breath + movement to create a journey back to yourself, to upgrade your body dialogue and reframe your mindset for a more connected and masterful way of living.
We are passionate about curating unique experiences that bridge science, spirituality, fitness, and meditation for you to wake up from the inside out. 

Everything you need is inside of you!
We believe deep breathing and moving dynamically are the two most efficient and effective ways to balance your energy and elevate your personal vibration. It is your birthright to feel good in your body. 

As you move your body, your life moves. And, how you breathe is how you live. Life expresses itself as motion.
Our signature workshops combine breath + movement with curated themes and questions for self inquiry. Through verbal affirmations, sound & body activations you become physically, mentally and spiritually balanced – basically a awesome workout with deep meditation. #spiritualworkout

Through this process you become more relaxed and confident which makes you more magnetic to what you want in your life. You will learn to to trust yourself and navigate into all your future I AMs.

Connected Breath. Mindful Movement.

A very powerful style of breathing through the mouth only. The increased intake of oxygen allows you to move out of mind and into body, entering deep meditation. Through this expanded state of consciousness, the body and the brain are rewired on a cellular level, so that any mental and physical blocks begin to shift, allowing change to occur. 

Access deeper layers of energy in your body through conscious yogic inspired dynamic movement and relate to yourself and life differently. Free your inhibitions and upgrade your body dialogue so you can change the narrative and create a better one. 

It is our honor to guide and support you in your transformation process, 
Much love,
Lisa Meta & Natalie Pierson