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Sacred Rose  @yenyoga 

Traverse City, Michigan.

Friday Aug 30, 5-7pm



Looking to deepen the connection and awaken your feminine energy? 

Would you like to learn simple practices to reconnect to your womb and learn the anatomy?

In this 2 hour educational and experiential workshop, Natalie Pierson will re-acquaint you to your feminine anatomy for you to get the basic of ‘whats what’. 

She will lead a womb energy clearing exercise and guide fun and simple practices to activate your energy, and begin to feel the connection to your yoni using the power of intention, breath and sound. Connect in a supportive sisterhood, share and be seen. Leave feeling uplifted and empowered with new pleasurable practices for your Goddess toolbox. 

Wear comfortable clothing to breathe and move in.

Practices and concepts taught in this workshop are sourced from her teachers Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna who co-facilitate Tao Tantric Healing Arts and Sacred Sexuality for Women around the globe.

FALL 2019

September 21st - October 19th,  2019,  
Saturday's, 2pm - 5pm
Maha Rose Healing Center 
98 Green St., Greenpoint Brooklyn

Are you a certified healing arts practitioner or inspired yogi wanting to gain a more vast understanding of anatomy and your chakras?

Expand your awareness and knowledge of the human vessel and its fascinating inner workings without spending thousands of dollars or taking a yoga teacher training.

This 5 part series is for anyone interested in diving deeper into the layers of anatomy and energy, to see how it all works together. Each week, there will be a presentation, discussion and embodied practice on a specific layer of the body starting with the deepest level, your bones and ending with the bio fields that surround your body.

Ways to utilize this embodied content:
• Create a more conscious connection to your body.
• Apply it for accelerated physical healing.
• Have a head start as a PT, as a CPT, yogi, or reiki practitioner.
• Incorporate new practices into your stale routine. 
• Be open to where your new knowledge and experience brings you...

Each session contains a teaching, and embodied movement.
You will receive a PDF with each classes powerpoint, a workbook for visual content and to record notes, and links to videos for practices. Dress comfortable and be prepared to sit, move and explore in this exciting 5 part series.

*Sample of embodied practices; Spinal cord breathing, bone breathing, Qi gong, Sun salutations, Breath techniques/pranayama*

September 21, Session 1 - Skeletal system, Spine, Anatomical position, Planes of movement,  Joints
September 28, Session 2 - Muscular system, Position + direction, The Emotional body.
October 5, Session 3 - Fascia, and your (CNS) Central nervous system
October 12, Session 4 - Respiratory System: Anatomy of breathing & Lymphatic (immune) system
October 19, Session 5 - Organs, Chakras, and Bio fields

Exchange =  $444 for the 5 part series

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