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@Maha Rose Healing Center
September 21st - October 19th,  2019,  
Saturday's, 2pm - 5pm  (3 hours) 
All 5 $333  or  Drop-in $85

Are you a certified healing arts practitioner or inspired yogi wanting to gain a more vast understanding of anatomy and your chakras?

Expand your awareness and knowledge of the human vessel and its fascinating inner workings without spending thousands of dollars or taking a yoga teacher training.

This 15 hour, 5 part series is for anyone interested in diving deeper into the layers of anatomy and energy, to see how it all works together.

Each week, there will be a presentation, discussion and embodied practice on a specific layer of the body --- starting with the deepest level, your bones and ending with the bio fields that surround your body.

Ways to utilize this embodied content:
• Create a more conscious connection to your body.
• Apply it for accelerated physical healing.
• Have a head start as a PT, as a CPT, yogi, or reiki practitioner.
• Refresh yourself with more up to date content 
• Incorporate new practices into your movement ritual.
• Be open to where your new knowledge and experience brings you...

Each session contains a teaching, and embodied movement.

You will receive a PDF with each classes powerpoint, a workbook for visual content and to record notes, and links to videos for practices.
Dress comfortable and be prepared to sit, move and explore in this exciting 5 part series.

*Sample of embodied practices; Spinal cord breathing, bone breathing, Qi gong, Sun salutations, Breath techniques/pranayama*

September 21, Session 1 - Skeletal system, Spine, Anatomical position, Planes of movement,  Joints
September 28, Session 2 - Muscular system, Position + direction, The Emotional body.
October 5, Session 3 - Fascia, and your (CNS) Central nervous system
October 12, Session 4 - Respiratory System: Anatomy of breathing & Lymphatic (immune) system
October 19, Session 5 - Organs, Chakras, and Bio fields

Exchange =  $333 for the 5 part series
Drop-In  =  $85

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