Are you feeling drained physically, mentally, and emotionally?

That is your body telling you


And that’s why I created my newest program, “5 to Thrive!”

I’ve put together curated daily lessons that will empower you to reset your health, body, mind, and spirit.

 From movement, to breathwork, to mindfulness, and emotional and energetic rebalancing – this program is a comprehensive opportunity to hit RESET
and reinvigorate your life.

I’ve made the decision to make this program incredibly affordable  because EVERYONE deserves better health in 2020 and moving forward! 

For $5 you can register now and embark on 5 to Thrive!


5 to Thrive: Curated Course Work

Day 1: #moveyourbody

On day one we’ll start with movement and awakening your body.
This sequence is designed to do the following.

  • Promote heart elevation
  • Engage core
  • Back support & strengthening
  • Spinal mobility

 Day 2: #moveyourbreath

Breath is THE most important thing you do every day. On day two you’ll learn breathing techniques and be guided through a restorative stretch. This will immediately change how you feel in your body. 

  • Release tension
  • Alleviate stress/anxiety
  • Improve immunity
  • Improve overall energy and quality of sleep


Day 3: #moveyourmind

The connection between your body and mind is powerful, and on day three you’ll learn to harness your mind to tap into inner calm and health.

  • Yoga and meditation exercises that will center and align yourself with your authentic intention.
  • Reconnect your body and mind.
  • Improve clarity in thought and purpose
  • Provide an energy clearing meditation.


Day 4: #moveyouremotions 

Your emotions and emotional health can manifest in physical pain or discomfort!  On day four we’ll release pent up emotional energy to clear your body and mind. 

  • Healing sounds practices
  • Bioenergetic shaking
  • Release negative emotions
  • Uplift energy naturally (no pills needed!)


Day 5: #moveyourenergy

Now is the time to celebrate your life, the fact that you’re here is a TRUE GIFT. That’s why on day five we’ll dive deep in exercises to recalibrate how you feel about YOURSELF and the gift that is your life. 

  • Blissful breath practice
  • Access your sacred sensual energy

  • Experience the power of  affirmations
  • Fall back in love with the life you’ve been given



The time is now to empower your life
and health on every level. 

I’m so excited to share “5 to Thrive” with you as you recommit to a well and vibrant life. 

Learning to feel good and thrive in your body
is not just for yourself…

It’s for your family, for your community, and we all need you to feel strong, energized, capable and ready for anything!


Be the example that you wished you could see.

So…  you must inquire within and truly ask yourself

– Are you going to settle?

Or are you going to learn new and simple body, mind practices to reconnect to yourself
and actually thrive?!

The choice is yours, and I’m honored to be your guide.

Register now and

Let’s Move!


  • A body weight conditioning sequence, proper ab and back health exercises.
  • How to open your spine + tissue, and use your breath to bring in more calm and quiet.
  • 3 foundational secrets for a phenomenal yoga flow (or to build a proper foundation from.
  • You will learn how to shift your energy in under 7 minutes and find freedom in your body!
  • How to embrace the being that you are and access a new level of Self love!

As Commissioner of one of the largest amateur sports leagues in NYC, the Corporate Athletic League & Play Big Apple, it is very important for me to not only be physically fit, but also spiritually fit.  Natalie provides this and more.  She is a one stop healer/trainer. Not only is she proficient in weight & aerobic training, she also provides energy work-yoga-meditation-& nutrition advice…I feel 500% better in my body, I highly recommend Natalie Pierson! 

– Steve Frenchman, NYC

how it works: 

Feel into your YES! 


Click the link and invest $5 for 5 days. 

Literally a $1 a day! to put your health and elevation in motion!  

Select Monday October 19th, 8am and

You’ll receive an email confirmation with all the info and links you’ll need for our program.

Over the coming week, I’ll be reaching out to ensure you’re preparing and working with your body’s intelligence and not against. 

I cannot wait to meet you and guide you on this exploratory movement journey! 

              Meet Natalie

Natalie Pierson is a guiding light that bridges healing arts,

yogic wellness, & sacred practices

for you to become more connected, confident,

and free in your body.

With a degree in Exercise Science from Brookyn College, and background in personal training, she spent 10 years exploring, certifying and cultivating these gifts that she shares with humanity and you. 

From yoga, mindful movement or utilizing hands on healing/massage, Natalie is very dynamic and uses eastern and western modalities to support her clients needs.

She is also certified as a Tao Tantric Arts which is recognized by the Universal Healing Tao, and certified as a Cosmic Sexuality instructor. 

Her offerings have supported nationally ranked athletes, grammy nominated artists, fellow healers, mothers, and awakening beings that desire a range of sacred and customized healing and therapeutic experiences.    

She lives in Brooklyn, NY, is available for  one on one wellness coaching/healing, and offers online classes and programs for greater health, confidence and Self love mastery.