A 12-week empowerment journey to actualize greater health,  confidence, and self-love. 

Welcome, Home!

Hello dear one, what a journey you have been on…

Whew!  I am so grateful that somehow and someway, 

you have found yourself here, at this time

I want to affirm to you — that we are in a powerful
time of transformation, 
you are not alone.

 I know it feels like everything is wrong and nothing is as it once was.
These last 7 months of 2020 have shocked and challenged us
all in ways we couldn’t have imagined… 

Understandably it’s been hard to catch your breath 
and consider what is REALLY working for you in life…

What do you truly want? How do you want to feel? 

When it comes to the body, maybe It’s been hard to commit to a health or fitness program because it never felt like the right fit. 

Perhaps it has been your area of challenge to develop healthy habits and stay committed to yourself. 

And on the spiritual level you believe in a ‘higher power’ but know that the power you seek is within you. And yet, you yearn to know this, 
to truly FEEL it, and somehow believe in it all som more.  

 Deep down you know you need and deserve more. 

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

But as bad as 2020 has been (and let’s face it, it’s been bad)… it has brought you here.

A 12-week empowerment journey to actualize greater health,  confidence, and self-love. 

Here’s what you will get out of this program:

  • Recorded & weekly live sessions
  • Audio recordings
  • Guest teachers
  • Recorded educational webinar (PP) 
  • PDF downloads 
  • Practices to enhance body awareness, accelerate health, cultivate energy, increase body connection.
  • Self-healing practices, self resourcing, centering, stress-reducing, tension relieving, uplifting 
  • Beginner meditation, breath, mantra & prayer
  • Educational – become a better body ally 
  • Yogic wellness & practices, fitness & body movement 
  • Deepen intuition and inner relationship 
  • Trust yourself more, listen and love yourself more
  • Learn how to cleanse, clear, and increase nutritional intake (clear the vessel) 
  • Setting sacred space, energy hygiene practices 
  • Connect to higher self, direct thoughts, harmonize emotions
  • Balancing energy, breath, brain hemispheres 
  • Embracing sexual/primal self and needs, healing 
  • Receive healings, energy clearing
  • Love your body on a whole new level
  • Improve relationships, as a direct mirror 
  • Embody more light, joy, and gratitude
  • Shift and upgrade your mindset

“I have benefitted immensely from working with Natalie.  She is a rare gem that helps me stay balanced in my creative and busy life. I highly recommend her services!” 


“Thank you for guiding me into my shift from the third dimension to the 5th. You are the embodiment of the feminine divine, a truly amazing healer.” 

Chicago Sigueroa

is modeled with ( SEMBE )

Spirit, Emotions, Mind, Body, and Energy


Activate + Mobilize

2 weeks


  • Awaken the body through dynamic movement
  • Body weight conditioning exercises
  • Heart elevation, spine health & mobility
  • Deepen body awareness 
  • Restorative stretching 
  • Foam rolling / myofascial release for mobility


  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Fascia
  • Back health, posture


Align, Flow + Soar

3 weeks


  • Learn 2 variations of Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) 
  • Learn 3 Foundational keys to begin or enhance your yoga practice 
  • Yoga vinyasa flow  (15 / 30 / 45 min practices)
  • 8 pranayama (breath) practices 
  • Foundational; meditate mantra, affirmation, prayer
  • Creating sacred space


  • 8 limbs of yoga 
  • Sun salutes breakdown
  • Respiratory, breathing anatomy
  • Immune system
  • Nervous system


    Release + Harmonize

    2 weeks


    • Taoist meditation practices
    • Bioenergetics – clearing trauma
    • Self-massage for energy flow
    • OSHO dynamic breath-work


    • Endocrine system
    • Emotional Body
    • Organs/chakras
    • Biofields


      Cleanse and Purify

      2 weeks


      • How to clear emotions from the body 
      • Nutrition, vegetarianism 
      • Cleanse, detox, fasting 
      • 3-day liquid – group fast 


      • Cleansing
      • Emotional Body
      • Fasting
      • Nutrition Fruit/veggie – nutrient content

      SPIRIT / SEX

      Embrace, Elevate + Expand

      3 weeks


      • Blissful breath to deepen self-union
      • How to use affirmations to shift your energy
      • Self-love with intention 
      • Root healing 
      • Accessing desires, sexual manifestation 


      • Sexual anatomy
      • Sexual reflexology 
      • Jade egg/wand practices

        A 12-week empowerment journey to actualize greater health,  confidence, and self-love. 

        “As Commissioner of one of the largest amateur sports leagues in NYC, the Corporate Athletic League & Play Big Apple, it is very important for me to not only be physically fit, but also spiritually fit.  Natalie provides this and more.  She is a one stop healer/trainer. Not only is she proficient in weight & aerobic training, she also provides energy work-yoga-meditation-& nutrition advice…I feel 500% better in my body, I highly recommend Natalie Pierson!”  
        Steve Frenchman, NYC

        A 12-week empowerment journey to actualize greater health,  confidence, and self-love. 

        Meet Natalie

        Natalie Pierson is a guiding light that bridges healing arts,

        yogic wellness, & sacred practices

        for you to become more connected, confident,

        and free in your body.

        With a degree in Exercise Science from Brookyn College and a background in personal training, she spent 10 years exploring, certifying. and cultivating these gifts that she shares with humanity and you. 

        From yoga, mindful movement. or utilizing hands=on healing/massage, Natalie is very dynamic and uses eastern and western modalities to support her client’s needs.

        She is also certified as a Tao Tantric Arts which is recognized by the Universal Healing Tao, and certified as a Cosmic Sexuality instructor. 

        Her offerings have supported nationally ranked athletes, grammy-nominated artists, fellow healers, mothers, and awakening beings that desire a range of sacred and customized healing and therapeutic experiences.    

        She lives in Brooklyn, NY, is available for one on one wellness coaching/healing, and offers online classes and programs for greater health, confidence, and self-love mastery.

        Here are a couple of my areas of passion and expertise:

        • BS in Exercise Science
        • 350hr+ Yoga Certified (ashtanga vinyasa)
        • Thai yoga massage therapy 
        • Reiki master 
        • Thetahealer
        • Certified personal trainer 
        • Tao tantric – sacred femininity 
        • Universal healing tao
        • Cosmic Sexuality++ Other hands-on healing modalities/

        I’ve invested thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and flown around the world to train, from India to Bali… and back again… and all of this has aligned to bring us together.

        I’ve been providing an up-leveling, educational, and experiential training module to hundreds of clients with the mission to improve their lives.

        Together we will change the way you feel in, relate to, and communicate with your body.

        You might just fall in love with yourself – with life – and realize that anything (really, ANYTHING) is possible… because you’re going to be literally a whole new person.

        Embodying a whole new energy, to create a whole new reality

        She’s skilled in Reiki, breath work, massage, body work, yoga, healing, counseling … you name any goal or physical or emotional problem and she has the tools and mastery to help, and has a deep spiritual touch.  She’s a joy to be with on top of it all!

        Kyle N. NYC

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